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Faisalabad | The City of Prospects

Previously known as Lyallpur it is one of the most prominent Pakistani cities located in the province of Punjab. When we talk of Faisalabad the first few things that come to mind are textiles Ghanta Ghar and agriculture. It is one of the major industrial hubs in the country and is the epicenter of the manufacturing sector especially those that produce fabric yarn sugar flour ghee paper and chemicals. Hence the city contributes majorly to the GDP of Pakistan and therefore attracts countless migrants annually due to copious job opportunities.

Why Rent a House in Faisalabad

The city offers a variety of golden opportunities with respect to employment and entrepreneurship. This in itself is the chief factor that attracts all those in search of a better lifestyle and employment to the city. Therefore renting accommodation in the city is a better option than buying for those who plan to settle in the city temporarily or cannot afford to purchase a house or plot due to uncertainty in job prospects or low budget. Rental houses are also easier to maintain and require less management since the contract normally requires landlords to bear repair and maintenance costs. In addition to complete houses for rent the city also has individual upper and lower portions for rent that are ideal for small families or single/double occupation and especially for those who seek security. Renting portions also fosters the concept of harmonious living since other portions of the same house are also occupied by other tenants providing an incubator for accord and safety.

Almost each house for rent in Faisalabad is located in a multitude of high-end housing communities including Eden Gardens Sargodha Road Paradise Valley Khayaban Colony Officer Colony Kohinoor City Raza Gardens Madina Town Saeed Colony Shadman Colony Mansoorabad Susan Road and People's Colony among many others. Rooms upper and lower portions and houses for rent in Faisalabad range from 5 marlas to in terms of area whereas their monthly rent fluctuates between Rs. 7000 and 6500000 depending on the provisions area and locality.

Tips for being a happy tenant:

  • Be very clear about the sort of contract that you're getting into and every single detail that it entails
  • Be wary of the landlords! Make sure that you deal with the right sort of people since it is extremely essential to have trustworthy landlords for your personal social and financial security
  • Keep a record of all your repair and utility bills as well as the contract etc to avoid any trouble you might have with taxation or landlords