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Looking to rent a flat or apartment in Peshawar? Here is what you should know.

Why rent a Flat or Apartment in Peshawar?

Peshawar, known as the city of flowers, has experienced noteworthy infrastructural development in recent years. Being the oldest and the most populous city of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the city has witnessed fast-paced development in the real estate sector — and increasing the scope of investment opportunities. The trend of high-rise buildings in Peshawar has increased so much that the trust level of high returns has increased greatly for people who are looking to invest. Larger and prominent real estate developers including Bahria Town and Defence Housing Authority (DHA) have also recently launched their housing projects in Peshawar, including the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the city is likely to evolve greatly, and very soon. As the ever-growing population of Pakistan increases the pressure on the government for housing shortages, a number of vertical developments have been erected throughout the city. These include Dean Tower, University Tower, Peshawar Heights, LA Towers, and the Royal Residencia. These developments offer both residential and commercial properties for sale, all the while capturing the buyers and investors’ attention. Moreover, to facilitate people from all walks of life, the flats and apartments in Peshawar are up for rent.

What are the sizes of Flats and Apartments available for Rent in Peshawar?

The multi-purpose vertical buildings in Peshawar offer a variety of rental options for apartments and flats on rent in Peshawar. You can easily find 1, 2, and 3-bed apartments with unmatched facilities and amenities. However, the sizes of the apartments for rent in Peshawar differs from project to project, usually based on the number of bedrooms. However, you can easily find 4 Marla to 15 Marla Apartments for rent in Peshawar.

Sizes of Flats and Apartments available for Rent in Peshawar

4 Marla

6 Marla

9 Marla

15 Marla

What is the Rental Price Trend of Flats and Apartments in Peshawar?

The rental price trend for flats or apartments in Peshawar depends majorly on factors such as location, flat’s area size, and the number of bedrooms. The minimum rent of an apartment or flat in Peshawar starts from PKR 8 thousand and goes up to PKR 55 thousand. The rent of a 2-bedroom apartment starts from PKR 8 thousand and goes up to PKR 35 thousand. The rental value of a 3-bedroom apartment usually ranges from PKR 15 thousand to PKR 45 thousand. If you are looking for a larger accommodation with 4-bedrooms, then you will need a minimum budget of PKR 25 thousand and maximum PKR 55 thousand.

Rental Price Trend for Flats and Apartments in Peshawar


PKR 8 thousand — PKR 35 thousand


PKR 15 thousand — PKR 45 thousand


PKR 25 thousand — PKR 55 thousand

Benefit yourself with various facilities and amenities by renting flats and apartments in Peshawar

With the trend of vertical buildings to accommodate the growing population of Peshawar increasing, dwellers can now enjoy a higher standard of living and amenities owing to these vertical constructions. These apartments come equipped with basic amenities, which include water, gas and electricity. Moreover, most apartments for rent in Peshawar are highly secure and comfortable due to 24/7 security patrolling and surveillance.

Transportation facilities in Peshawar

Peshawar is well-served with a public transportation system, vans offer connections throughout the province of KPK , as well as all major cities of Pakistan. The city connects with the rest of the country via the Daewoo bus terminal, which is located along the Grand Trunk (GT) Road. TransPeshawar — a bus rapid transit system — is currently undergoing construction, with assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), to facilitate inter-city transportation. Moreover, travelling via air is also possible through the Bacha Khan International Airport, which offers direct flights throughout Pakistan. Peshawar is also connected to the twin cities — Islamabad and Rawalpindi — by the 155 kilometres long M1 Motorway. The motorway also links Peshawar to major cities in the province, such as Charsadda and Mardan. The motorway continues onwards to connect to Lahore as part of the M2 motorway.

What are the popular areas for renting apartments and flats in Peshawar?

The popular areas for renting out flats and apartments in Peshawar are in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Bahria Town, University Town, Saddar, and Gulberg area.