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Looking to buy houses in Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore? Here is what you should know.

A Look At The Houses For Sale in Allama Iqbal Town Lahore

Named after the national poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal Town is a commercial and high-end residential locality located in south-western Lahore. It was started in the late 70s early 80s and has steadily grown since with housing commercial spots services and amenities continuously being added and renovated.

Before Model Town became known for its celebrity residents this town too used to house a score of famous personalities mostly from Pakistan's film industry Lollywood due to its location not far from the Shahnoon and Bari studios. However this is no longer so commonly the case with many choosing to live a little further from the city centre.

Allama Iqbal Town is renowned for its commercial spots and markets such as Moon Market offering many shops stalls entertainment stores and eateries as well as Karim Market famed for its clothing shops. It is also popular amongst students with one of the oldest open university's in Pakistan Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore campus being located there (in the Raza Block). There are 22 residential divisions in total spanning its 1600 acres and it has one of the biggest parks in the city as well as a number of schools colleges farms factories cinemas commercial areas Mosques a large market place and a flour mill on site.

What Will It Cost For You To Live in Allama Iqbal Town?

Prices vary depending on the residential division and standard of the property. It is wise to look into which amenities and services you wish to be located near and also which level of luxury you are looking to suit. Houses come with varying fixtures fittings security systems and furnishings to suit all needs.

Family houses for sale in Allama Iqbal Town
A 4-5 bedroom house would cost anything between Rs 1 - 3.25 Crore depending on the location whether it is new or owner-built house and what fixtures fittings and furnishings are included.

One of the most desirable spots of Allama Iqbal Town is the Umar Block. A 10 Marla purpose built house located there with 4 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 2 TV lounges drawing & dining rooms 2 servant quarters 2 stores and high-quality flooring would cost around Rs 2.15 Crore. A brand new house of similar size and in the same neighbourhood with further modern conveniences and security systems would cost around Rs 3.25 Crore.

Other blocks offer more affordable housing such as the Ravi or Khyber Block. A brand new 10 Marla house in the Ravi Block with 4 bedrooms 2 TV lounges and 2 kitchens comes in at around Rs 1.75 Crore and a brand new 5 Marla house in the Khyber Block with 4 Bedrooms 2 Tv lounges 2 Kitchens costing at present around Rs 1.1 Crore.

Two-bed houses for sale in Allama Iqbal Town
For those looking for something a little smaller a brand new 2 bedroom 3 Marla in the Huma Block would cost around Rs 75-90 Lakh. A 2 bedroom in the Umar Block would cost a little more at around Rs 1.65 Crore.

Studio flats for sale in Allama Iqbal Town
A 1 bedroom flat with 2 bathrooms in the Neelam block costs around Rs 25 Lakh.

Renting in Allama Iqbal Town
For those students or young professionals looking to rent a fully furnished 2 bedroom 5 Marla flat near Moon market with a TV lounge and drawing room costs around Rs 22-25000 with a smaller 1 bedroom costing around Rs 10000.

Prices Stand October 2016

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