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Looking to rent a flat in Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Flats for Rent in Lahore

Lahore is not only famous for its historic Mughal-era buildings, diverse culinary culture and lush green gardens, but is also popular for being among the most hospitable cities of the country. Being the provincial capital of Punjab and Pakistan’s 2nd largest city, Lahore, also ranks as the 25th largest city in the world by population. According to a study, its average annual growth of urban areas stands at 3.12% as of 2006. Pakistan has witnessed the exponential rise in the population of its major cities. As per the 2017 national census, the demographics for Lahore stood at 53.77%. These developments, as could be expected, resulted in a rising demand for residential real estate options in the country. Following the recent spike in vertical constructions in Lahore has helped it expand beyond its former boundaries.

Why rent a flat or apartment in Lahore?

Unlike most metropolitan cities, the residents of Lahore enjoyed a unique style of living by preferring detached and independent homes constructed on the piece of land they owned. This horizontal construction trend has, however, seen a shift towards the vertical constructions over the last few years. Owing to the sharp increase in the city’s population and limited accommodation solutions, going vertical was becoming more and more promising as a solution to this issue. Resultantly, vertical residential towers began erecting all over the city – indicating a major cultural shift for young people who’ve resorted to renting these flats in Lahore rather than opting for horizontal construction options. The debate over the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment exists, the sky-rocketing real estate prices in Lahore have played a big part in this change – as renting a flat is cheaper and easier to maintain.

Trend of High-Rise Buildings in Lahore

This trend is not new but following the government’s recent permissions, constructions of high-rise commercial and residential buildings are allowed – subject to the area size and subsequently the number of floors allowed. Constructions spanning over 10-Marla area have a maximum number of 4 floors allowed, 7 floors for constructing a building on 1-Kanal land and 10 floors for 2-Kanal land. Construction of 15 and 24 storeys have been permitted on lands spanning 4 and 8 Kanal, respectively. However, for areas greater than 12 Kanal, there is no cap on the restrictions for the number of floors allowed.

Land size

Number of storeys allowed

10 Marla


1 Kanal


2 Kanal


4 Kanal


8 Kanal


8+ Kanal

No restriction

What types of flats and apartments are available for rent in Lahore?

1. Studio Apartments 2. Single bed apartments and flats 3. 2-bedroom apartment and flats 4. 3-bedroom apartment and flats 5. 4-bedroom apartment and flats 6. Single-storey penthouse apartments 7. Duplex penthouse apartments The rent for these flats and apartments ranges from PKR 5,000 to PKR 0.375 million.

Benefit yourself with various facilities and amenities by renting flats and apartments in Lahore

Leading the urbanisation trends in the country, Lahore has a lot of residential flats and apartments available for rent that span across the entirety of this historic city. It is filled with diversity and living here allows the residents to enjoy these to the fullest.

Transportation facilities in Lahore

The extensive network of buses and other public transportation systems in Lahore is mainly operated by the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) and the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA). These are facilitated by the fixed-routed Lahore Metro Bus service and the Orange Line Metro Train (OMT). The Lahore Metrobus accommodates over 180,000 people on a daily basis via its fleet of 66 buses travelling on a single 28.7 km-long dedicated track with several predefined stops for loading and unloading passengers. Moreover, the recently inaugurated Orange Line Metro Train (OMT) consists of 26 stations and is designed to ferry more than 250,000 passengers daily.

What are the popular areas for renting apartments and flats in Lahore?

The popular areas for renting out flats and apartments in Lahore are mainly in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Bahria Town, Askari – particularly Askari X and XI, Johar Town and Gulberg. According to a user-search index, the following localities are popular choices for apartment living in Lahore:


DHA Defence


Bahria Town




Johar Town