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Looking to buy houses in Peshawar? Here is what you should know.

Peshawar > The City of Flowers

Peshawar is the beautiful capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city is only half an hour away from the Rawalpindi Islamabad Motorway. Proud Pathans make up the majority of residents of the city. Historically the Mughals turned Peshawar into a 'city of flowers' and as a result Peshawar is home to various flower fields; the city is full of shady trees and flower beds along pathways. The flowers that adorn the city include roses gladioli carnations and daylilies. As well as being a beautiful way to decorate the city many flowers are also sold in Peshawar. To add to the area's natural beauty the city's trees form great natural heritage for Peshawar. The city is the proud owner of 200 species of local and ornamental trees. The Directorate of Parks and Horticulture is responsible for the creation maintenance and management of the parks and gardens in the area.

The Most Historic City in Pakistan

The historic Khyber Pass which connects Pakistan with Afghanistan begins/ends in Peshawar. Many traders conquerors nomads and travellers have passed through this ancient pass. In addition to the Khyber Pass the nearby Mahabat Khan Mosque is famous for its outstanding architectural legacy. It has been located in the Jeweller's Bazar since 1630.

Peshawar is a wonderful place to visit thanks to its many curiosities and interesting historic spots. In the heart of the city you'll find the romantic 'Street of Storytellers.' In olden days this was a camping ground for caravans and military adventures. During events these days ballads and tales of war and love are told by professional storytellers. Peshawar's most famous Museum is located on Grand Trunk Road in the Cantonment area. The museum house is a precious treasure containing art sculpture and historical relics. If you still haven't seen enough the Khyber train is really worth seeing. It is a beautiful experience and provides a scenic route from Peshawar to Landi Kota perfect for train enthusiasts and everyone else too. Make sure you book in advance. Finally Bala Hisar Fort is located in central Peshawar. The heavily guarded fort dates back to the times of the Mughal Emperors. Now it is under the use of Frontier Corps or > Fauji. > � Admire the architecture and the historical significance of this building.

Living in Peshawar

Peshawar is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. It is one of the best hotspots for history lovers. Purchasing a house is always a good idea. Purchasing a house with a lawn in the city of flowers is a dream come true. Many houses come with open car spaces and a balcony. Moreover the well-constructed houses in the city often come with built-in wardrobes and the possibility of a secure and reliable internet connection. Many houses come with pre-installed eco-friendly features. In many cases a reliable water tank is installed to preserve water. Likewise energy efficient rating meters can help you to overcome the problem of load shedding. When you purchase a home in Peshawar look for backup sewerage systems or ask your agent about this common feature.

Peshawar has broad streets and a relaxing vibe making it easy to feel happy fresh and comfortable.

In terms of amenities nearby your new home will be close to some beautiful mosques and highly reputable educational institutions. One example is Edward's College which is located in the city itself. Its peculiar architecture comes from the Mughal era with a touch of colonial style. Other examples of excellent educational institutions include New Frontier Model School Peshawar Model Girls High School Peshawar Model School for Boys and Jinnah Medical College. These are all within a short distance of your future home. Furthermore Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women's University and KPK Agricultural University are nearby. Travelling is easy in the city full of flowers; Bacha Khan International Airport is on GT Road. This is only a few minutes > drive away.

Whether you choose to purchase a 5 Marla 10 Marla 15 Marla or 20 Marla home we are sure that you will be happy with your choice. Prices depend largely on location and on the number of bedrooms in the house and range between Rs. 8000000 and Rs. 23000000.

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