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Houses for Sale in Karachi: Commercial and Financial Hub of Pakistan

Famously Karachi is the birthplace of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is known as Quaid-e-Azam 'the Great Leader. > � There are many locations in the city that are named after the Quaid such as the major thoroughfare M.A. Jinnah Road. There is also the Quaid-e-Azam Park in Pakistan Steel Town and Bin Qasim Town in southeastern Karachi. Karachi is an important thread in the national fabric of Pakistan. Not only it is the country's financial and commercial capital but it is also extremely significant both historically and culturally. Therefore owning a house in Karachi is an excellent choice as both a financial investment and as the location for a primary residence.

The city is home to the Karachi Stock Exchange the country's largest but it is also home to the National Academy of Performing Arts situated in the historical Hindu Gymkhana building established in 1925. Other cultural institutions include the Kara Film Festival which is held every year and promotes Pakistani Film and the National Museum of Pakistan which showcases the cultural history of the nation.

Karachi is the former capital of Pakistan and has been in existence in some form for millennia. Before the capital was transferred to Islamabad in 1960 the city was the center of politics and government since the country's independence in 1947. The capital was moved in an effort to spread out the development of the country more evenly across the provinces. Owning a house in this vibrant city signifies prestigious stature as well.

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For both singles and families Karachi is an ideal location to live and to work because of its vibrant economy and commercial and financial benefits. Karachi is home to many shopping centers markets and malls where people can find almost everything they need or want. From Tariq Road in Jamshed Town to the Emerald Tower in Clifton the city provides access to a large range of products and services ranging from financial consulting to women's clothing to second-hand musical instruments.

In terms of investing Karachi features some of the most prime real estate in Pakistan. As the country's largest city there is a high demand for properties including houses for sale. In Karachi there is an ever-growing middle class that requires more high-quality affordable houses every year. This is good news for investors and homeowners whose wealth will increase as property values rise as a result of high demand.

Today Karachi is a hotspot for business entertainment and urban life and it attracts people from all over the country the region and the world. This fact makes houses for sale in Karachi in general very valuable. That said a Karachi house for sale located in the downtown areas of Saddar Lyari and Clifton are some of the most valuable because of their proximity to the city's principal attractions. Other parts of the city with more affordable homes are Shah Faisal Town near the Jinnah International Airport and Gulshan Town near the University of Karachi.