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Apartment for Rent in Karachi: The City of Lights

It is the largest and most populous megalopolis city of Pakistan. It was founded as > Kolachi > � by Baloch tribes from Baluchistan and Makran area who established a fishing community in this region. The local Sindhi population built a small fort for the protection purposes of the city. The fort has two main gateways known as Kharra Darwaza (Brackish Gate) and the other facing the Lyari River known as Meetha Darwaza (Sweet Gate). At the time of independence in 1947 it became a bustling city with European styled buildings. It was seen as an economic model around the world and is a major economic financial and industrial capital of Pakistan. Moreover it is an ethically heterogeneous city with major ethnic groups such as Muhajirs Sindhi's Balochs Pakhtuns Punjabi's etc. and hence has earned itself the nickname of > Mini Pakistan > �.

To rent a flat in Karachi the ones in most demand include furnished apartments for rent in Karachi studio apartment for rent in Karachi 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Karachi pent houses and rooms.

Why Choose a Flat for Rent in Karachi?

The city has many high rise buildings with studios, penthouses and regular apartments for its ever swelling population. As it is the main business hub people from all over Pakistan migrate there for labor and apartments prove to be their preferable option. Another target group is students who move to flats for rent in Karachi for renowned universities such as Aga Khan University and IBA. For them apartment sharing has become an alternative for dormitory living.

The ideal flat for rent in Karachi should be affordable but comfortable and well-equipped with infrastructure facilities such as reliable water gas electricity networks broadband internet connection pay-TV access furnished bedroom and living rooms ample parking opportunities and keeping in mind Karachi's current situation also sound secure. Moreover the locality is of utmost importance as studio apartments in posh localities of DHA and Clifton have higher rents on flat on rent in Karachi due to their up-scale neighborhoods and amenities such as high-end malls flats schools colleges parks mosques and healthcare facilities. Other areas in demand include Gulshan e Iqbal and Gulistan e Johar.

Besides from the amenities of a dwelling and locality one needs to keep in mind things like distance to work to save fuel costs and commuting time. Consider all above making a pros & cons list will help to choose the suited apartment on rent in Karachi for one's needs.