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Multan: The City of Saints

Multan is located in the Punjab province inside the bend of the five rivers of Pakistan which geographically makes it the center point of the country. It is the fifth largest city in the country and is highly populated owing to the great farming trade business commercial and service sector opportunities it offers. Multan is renowned for the finest quality of cotton sugarcane wheat citrus guavas mangoes and pomegranates that form a major chunk of the country's exports. It is the busiest dry port in the country and is directly linked to Bahawalpur Faisalabad Dera Ghazi Khan Muzaffargarh and Rahimyar Khan by an extensive rail and road network. Multan is mostly referred to as the > City of Sufis and Saints > . The city also has great educational institutions that are famous for their educational integrity and high quality teaching including the Nishtar Medical College and the Bahauddin Zakariya University. All in all the emblems of Multan are the world famous Multani Mangoes Multani Mutton chops Sohan Halwa and the beautifully intricate blue and white pattern that one can find on tiles pottery and architecture in Multan. Therefore Multan is an incredibly unique city that has a lot to offer in terms of architecture history Sufism education and culinary expertise thus making it the ideal living abode.

Where to Find an Ideal House for Rent in Multan

Multan is divided into six towns most of which have recently undergone great developmental progress and one can see smooth well-built roads power supply in all localities and new residential and commercial projects kicking off in the city. Just like the rest of Pakistan the residents of Multan also desire a modern and luxurious living experience to which the real estate sector of Pakistan is catering remarkably well. Housesbxtcxxezwfvzcfbyddvbuteqyxactwtq available for rent in Multan are situated in the most developed and comfortable localities including Cantt Wapda Town Zakariya Town Model Town and Garden Town amongst others. All of these housing societies are newly built are safe and secure offer all civic amenities that one would require and most of all promote the spirit of communal living. Houses for rent in Multan range from 5 marlas to 13 marlas house on rent in Multan whereas monthly rent lies between Rs. 13000 and 60000.

Tips for Leasing Homes:

  • Stay within your financial limit to avoid future pitfalls and monetary stress
  • Rent the house you really love. Who knows you might end up buying it eventually
  • Clear any ambiguities regarding what permanent or temporary changes you can make to the rental place before you get into an agreement
  • Verify whether the rent includes utility bills or not