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Looking to buy a Single-storey House in Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Why buy a Single-storey House for sale in Lahore?

Buying a single-storey house versus buying a double-storey house is an old debate in the real estate industry. Both property types have their own pros and cons, which should be duly considered before making a purchase or an investment. Buying a single-storey house is ultimately a personal decision and depends entirely on an acquired taste or the architectural style. People may consider buying a single-storey house as they may experience difficulty climbing stairs such as adults or people with disabilities. Families with children may also prefer to buy a single-storey house. Staircases usually take up valuable space in the house which can be used for some other purpose. Small families or people with certain architectural admirations may prefer buying a single-storey house for sale in Lahore. Lahore offers a variety of single-storey houses for sale in different locations and sizes. Some of the single-storey houses are even located in gated communities or in well-known localities.

What type of Single-storey houses are available for sale in Lahore?

A single-storey home is definitely a more convenient option for couples and small families. If the space is adequate enough to accommodate the number of family members, then there is really no need for additional build up. Knowing the layout that will fit within your budget and lifestyle can make your decision for a double or single-storey home more viable. There are several single-storey houses available for sale in Lahore, ranging from 5 Marla to 10 Marla and beyond. Additionally, 1 and 2 Kanal single-storey houses are also available for sale.

Types of Single-storey Houses for sale in Lahore

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

Price of a Single-storey house for sale in Lahore?

It would be wrong to say that a single-storey house is a much ‘budget-friendly’ investment than a double-storey house, as the construction of the latter may be 10-15% higher. People looking for a single-storey house may find a 5 Marla house in a price range between PKR 25 Lakh to PKR 1.5 Crore. The prices vary according to the location and the livable condition of the house. The prices of 10 Marla single-storey houses for sale range between PKR 50 Lakh to PKR 2.25 Crore. For 1 Kanal single-storey houses, prices start from PKR 1.05 Crore and go up to PKR 3.5 Crore.

Sales Price Trend of Single-storey Houses in Lahore

5 Marla

PKR 25 Lakh — PKR 1.5 Crore

10 Marla

PKR 50 Lakh — PKR 2.25 Crore

1 Kanal

PKR 1.05 Crore — PKR 3.5 Crore

Why invest in a Single-storey house for sale in Lahore?

One of the major reasons to invest in a property in Lahore is that it is the second most important financial center of Pakistan, after Karachi, there are quite a lot of job opportunities here as well. Finding a home is not difficult in Lahore as the city’s real estate market is constantly, and consistently, expanding. However, the tricky part is to find the house as per your budgeted requirements — especially considering that the property prices are rising and increasing at a rapid pace. In comparison, single-storey homes are more visually appealing because of their size. However it is a matter of personal choice or taste, architectural style, and individual needs when choosing a two-storey house or a single-storey house. Neither one is better, nor is cheaper — it is important to note that a single-storey home often sells faster than a double-storey home as the buyer can construct the second storey later according to their own requirements as well.