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Looking to buy a Double-storey House in Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Why buy a Double-storey House for Sale in Lahore?

The bigger the better — after all, a large house accommodates more personnel and offers more living space. The trend of buying double-storey houses in Lahore has become more popular over the years, with the drastic increase in the country’s population. The two-storey homes have a dominant street presence and look highly substantial, when erected next to single-storey houses — even if the plot area for both houses is the same. Besides, you can easily add the element of privacy by separating the living area and the rooms between the two floors. Choosing a double-storey house to buy is a difficult, expensive, and tedious process. It is important to choose a house that grows with you and your needs.

What type of double-storey houses are available for Sale in Lahore?

A double-storey house for sale in Lahore is definitely a more convenient option for larger families. Moreover, this idea also promotes the local culture of living together in ‘joint families’, henceforth, the double-storey houses are definitely a more popular choice. The price difference of having a double-storey house than a single-storey house is not much. Knowing the layout that will fit within your budget and lifestyle can make or break your decision for a double-storey home in the long run. There are several double-storey houses available for sale in Lahore, ranging from 5 Marla to 10 Marla and beyond. Additionally, 1 and 2 Kanal double-storey houses are also available for sale. As the trend and popularity of a double-storey house is more, property seekers and buyers have more options to choose from.

Types of double-storey Houses for sale in Lahore

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

What is the Sales Price Trend of a Double-storey House for Sale in Lahore?

It would be wrong to say that a single-storey house is a much budget-friendly investment than a double-storey house. A double-storey house construction cost may be 10%-15% higher. People looking for a double-storey house may find a 5 Marla house in a price range between PKR 25 Lakh to PKR 2.0 Crore. The prices depend mainly on the location and the condition of the house. The prices of 10 Marla double-storey houses for sale range between PKR 45 Lakh to PKR 2.5 Crore. For 1 Kanal double-storey houses, prices start from PKR 1.15 Crore and go up to PKR 3.75 Crore.

Sales Price Trend of a Double-storey House for Sale in Lahore

5 Marla

PKR 25 Lakh — PKR 2.0 Crore

10 Marla

PKR 45 Lakh — PKR 2.5 Crore

1 Kanal

PKR 1.15 Crore — PKR 3.75 Crore

Why invest in a double-storey house in Lahore?

After Karachi, Lahore is the financial center of Pakistan. There are many job opportunities available in this city which attract people from around the country. With the population of this city expanding at a fast pace, finding a double-storey house for sale in Lahore is not a difficult task. The real estate industry of the metropolis is quickly emerging and growing to fulfil the growing demand housing shortage. However, there are many options available for double-storey houses for sale in Lahore in comparison to a single-storey home. Buying a house is a matter of personal choice or taste, architectural style, and individual needs when choosing a two-storey house or a single-storey house. When comparing the two it is important to note that neither one is better, nor is cheaper.