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Looking to buy shops in Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Buying Commercial Property in Lahore

To add to Lahore's charm it has commercial properties of all sorts. The most notable of these are located at Mall Road from where corporations such as of Nestle and HBL operate next to hotels such as Pear Continental Avari Hotel and Holiday Inn. Lahore's major shopping centers are in Liberty Market where you can find a plethora of apparel stores. Moving on there is the Fortress Stadium which houses departmental stores clothing shops Link Road and Kareem Block. In addition there is Quaid-e-Azam's Library Islamic Summit Minaret Panorama Center and lots more.

Not to forget the H and Y Block Market of DHA where you can find everything from stores for clothes and decoration material to real estate offices and banks. Another prominent area is Johar Town which is well-equipped with all facilities like salons grocery stores departmental stores and lots more. Beside form all that food lovers can find many street vendors selling delicious > Desi > � food along with food chains such as Mc Donald's and KFC. Overall Lahore commercial property for sale in lahore has something special to offer in all of the city including shop for sale in Lahore and office for sale in Lahore.

Investing in a Shop for Sale in Lahore

When making an investment in commercial property be wary of the following sales pitches:

  • Property prices just go up: This is the first thing any builder or realtor will tell you that the property prices will never go down. However beware real estate market goes through periods of ups and downs.
  • Most affordable project: Realtors are likely to tell you that their project is the most affordable in terms of all the facilities and features but never make your decision before going over your own checklist of what you want in your future home and all.
  • The project is almost sold out: The most commonly used trick by builders to entice buyers is to tell them that the project is almost sold out and they will miss on this amazing opportunity.
  • What you see is what you get: This is neither true for the final price you pay nor for sample plot you see at the construction site. These property are demolished after the units are sold out and construction begins. The buyers need to see the architectural drawings and the layout map of the project to get the exact carpet area of your property and then compare it with the area being promised by the builders.
  • Take your money back whenever you want: Don't fall for the builder's words as they deduct a percentage of the booking amount. You can avoid all this by doing all your homework and then making the final decision.