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Houses for Sale in North Nazimabad Block B Karachi with Price & Details(32)

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Looking to buy houses in North Nazimabad - Block B, Karachi? Here is what you should know.


North Nazimabad is one of the 18 zones of Karachi covering a vast area of 46.62 sq km. Within this locality Block B is one of the most densely populated areas covering a total of 50 acres. It is easily accessible through Shahrah e Sher Shah Suri Shahrah e Humayun Allama Rashid Turrabi Road and Nazimabad Number 4. The Jinnah Intenational Airport is only 18km away from this area.

Nearby Places:
> > Ziauddin Hospital
> > Cineplex
> > Fateh bagh
> > Famous eateries (Burger king Subway Pizza Hut McDonalds KFC etc.)
> > BeaconHouse Cambridge
> > Ziauddin University
> > Iqra University
> > Sachal Rangers Club
> > Mosques

What's on Offer:

The locality started to develop back in 1958 and is one of the most developed areas of Karachi now. This is a relatively high end area which attracts the middle class and upper middle class. The properties on sale here are mostly houses ranging from newly constructed ones to very old ones. Due to its central location and well developed surroundings the demand of properties here is high due to which property prices appreciate significantly each year. Due to the presence of top class schools and universities the literacy rate in the area is relatively high and crime rate is low making I an ideal place to live.
The houses on offer are available I different sizes ranging from 170 sq yd to 600 sq yd. Entire houses as well as single portions are available for sale catering to the needs of a wider population. There are houses with a minimum of 3 bedrooms to as many as 8 bedrooms. Prices vary based on size and single portion or full house:

> > 200 sq yd 95 lac > 1.75 crore

> > 250 sq yd 1.5-1.7 crore

> > 300 sq yd avg 2.2 crore

> > 500 sq yd 2.2-7.5 crore

> > 600 sq yd avg 6.5 crore