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Looking to buy houses in North Karachi, Karachi? Here is what you should know.

House in Karachi: The Ideal City for Residence

All the main speculators land holders and majority of the people who are actively searching for a new home are cognizant of the worth of land in Karachi. But the law and order situation in the city has affected its real estate market. Once the leader of Pakistan's realty sector the city lost this position to Lahore and Islamabad that has officially become the most coveted cities of Pakistan. However even the prevailing precarious situation in the city has failed to completely diminish the demand for residential and commercial properties in the city.

There are numerous reasons why homes in Karachi in the real estate market have withstood such strong blows. Since the founding of the country a house for sale in Karachi or house for rent in Karachi has been counted as one of the most developed residence options of Pakistan. Over the years the city has consistently been the main contributors to our economy and has been the provider of numerous employment opportunities for people belonging to remote areas of Baluchistan and Sindh. Due to these factors it is a home for 20 million individuals living in Pakistan today. Property in Karachi has a lot to offer including houses in Karachi bungalows in Karachi Villas portions flats and rooms. The city continues to be the core of Pakistan's corporate sector as all the major multinationals corporations and financial institutions of Pakistan have laid their foundation here. They are one of the main sources of attraction for majority of the people in Pakistan. Regardless of the current law and order situation in the country Karachi will always be a major part of Pakistan's realty sector.

The Best Housing Schemes in Karachi

Being the heart of Pakistan's corporate sector equally means that more and more people especially businessmen like to own a house in Karachi. This is one the major reasons why the demand for residential properties in the city is still high. Other reasons why the city has a high demand is that it is considered to be the home of the most posh well-designed societies in Pakistan for instance DHA Defence and Clifton. The only problem now is that the cost of getting a house in these societies is extremely high that is when areas like Gulshan-e-iqbal Johar town Gulistan e Johar and Model town are an alternative option as they are specifically built to cater to the needs of the middle class of Pakistan. Karachi enjoys an exceptional image with the affluent class of Karachi even owning a small house is a major step in securing a place amongst the powerful people of Pakistan.

To buy a house in Karachi there is no doubt that DHA Defence is the most wanted location in this city for posh area home seekers. The price of 1 Kanal house in phase 5 6 or 7 would be around 4 to 4.5 crore. If you are looking for a lower price house in a developed location there is Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town where the average price of a house for sale would be about 2 crore. To rent a house in Karachi a 1 Kanal house villa or bungalow rent in DHA is around 1 lakh 50 thousand to 1 lakh 70 thousand. On the other hand in Gulshan-e-Iqbal-Town it is going to cost around 50 to 80 thousand rupee.