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Looking to buy houses in Malir, Karachi? Here is what you should know.

Malir Cantt Karachi: House for Sale in Malir

Karachi the biggest metropolitan city in Pakistan is divided into about eighteen towns one of them being Maleer. It is located in the eastern part of the city and is right next to Shah Faisal Town Gadap Town Jinnah International Airport and Thado Nallo stream endowing it with great geostrategic importance. Once an uninhabited part of the city with lush vegetation and unpolluted environment the town has now been converted into a highly developed area with countless residential and industrial projects having been introduced there. It enjoys cultural and ethnic diversity since it has Balochis Sindhis Punjabis Pathans Muhajirs Seraikis Bohras Ismailis and Memons living harmoniously. With an increasing amount of immigrants from interior Sindh and cities including Lahore Rawalpindi Sialkot Peshawar Quetta Sukkar and Hyderabad choosing to move to KRI in search for a better quality of life the area is the residential and commercial choice for most people. With this sudden influx of occupants the town has been expanding exponentially and aims to provide the best services and civic facilities to all. It is located at close proximity to the coast hence turning the exotic beaches of the city into one of the reasons for people's choice of the area.

Investing in House for Sale in Malir Karachi

The area has recently witnessed multiple developmental projects which have nearly revolutionized the town's landscape. It also includes the cantt which is a military establishment and offers accommodation to officials of the Pakistani Armed Forces. With a military establishment located in the town it is undoubtedly one of the most secure neighborhoods in the city since security is the main concern for residents of the city.

Bungalows and houses for sale in malir cantt Karachi are located in the most desirable locales in the town including Askari 5 malir cantt Karachi New malir housing scheme 1 Air Force Officers Housing Scheme Zohura Garden Millat Garden City Housing Project Falak Naz Dreams Falcon Complex and National Highway Road. A usual house for sale in malir cantt karachi ensure comfort luxury and convenience and malir cantt karachi house for sale range from 3 marla to 2 kanal in size whereas prices for malir cantt house for sale lie between Rs. 2700000 and 36000000.

How to Turn a House into a Home

  • Mix and match the bedding and use the concept of color blocking. Make the bedding exciting and use it to add color and graphic appeal to your bedroom.
  • Do not ignore kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to d cor. Use small plants or pottery to both to add a touch of homeliness and art
  • Redo old furniture by painting it white or gold and changing the fabric to modernize it
  • Dedicate a wall entirely to photographs to immortalize your special moments. Try to create a timeline to make it look more regal
  • Never leave the flooring naked. Always use rugs or carpets to add warmth and coziness