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Looking to buy houses in Bani Gala, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Bani Gala - Islamabad

Islamabad has emerged as one of the best places to live in Pakistan. This beautiful capital city has the advantage of having the Margalla Hills nearby. It offers residents a healthy climate a lush green locale a pollution free atmosphere and elegant living. The city symbolises the aspirations of the vibrant nation of Pakistan. Moreover it is a modern and carefully planned urban centre. It is known for being the educational hub of the country as well as being Pakistan's administrative centre. Over the years Islamabad has transformed into a thriving city. Its population is now crossing the two million mark.

Bani Gala: The Green Valley

Bani Gala is offering more than you've ever dreamed of. It is inspired by the beauty of nature. The society provides residents with the opportunity to lead a blissful life. Bani Gala has it all; luxury class and peace of mind. It is a wonderful place to settle down and build a comfortable life for yourself. Residences offer stylish living with innovative modern features. Bani Gala is a Al-Sair Associates project run by a UK based team with over 40 years of experience. The society is home to a number of well known Pakistani figures including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan the former head of the country's nuclear programme who owns a house in the neighbourhood. The great leader and Chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan also lives here. Khusheed Kasura and Owais Leghari have built their houses in the society too. Residents can enjoy top notch facilities including fantastic education services; one of the best in the city. In addition all medical facilities are present within a convenient distance of your future home putting your mind at rest should anything happen to you. Islamabad is home to some of the best schools and universities in Pakistan meaning that your children have plenty of choice when it comes to picking an establishment for further study. The security system in this society is second to none. Whether you are a politician a CEO or neither of these things you will stay safe and secure.

Houses within this society are stylish and residents can decorate as much or as little as they want turning their property into their dream home. Properties consist of different rooms including spacious living areas dining areas and many bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All homes in Bani Gala society come with a small garden/lawn. This outdoor space can be customised to meet your needs perhaps you > d like a BBQ deck or an outdoor chill-out space where you can eat breakfast. For professional working couples smaller houses are available e.g. a 3-bedroom home. A couple with kids can opt for a larger home. Kids can have an entire room for themselves. A larger family can even purchase the biggest house available in order to cater to the needs of parents and grandparents for example.

Small medium and large houses are available. These houses consist of a varying numbers of bedrooms: 3-bedroom homes 4 -bedroom homes 5-bedroom homes 6-bedroom homes and 7-bedroom homes. Prices depend on the number of rooms in the house. They range from Rs. 9000000 to Rs. 75000000.

Specifications of houses in Bani Gala

The homes are of the best materials and appliances and fittings are beautiful and high quality.

  • Buildings/houses are constructed using high-grade metal.
  • Thick walls and ceilings made from high-quality cement.
  • Floors are made of porcelain tiles marble and laminated flooring material > its your choice.
  • Television and telephone connectivity is readily available.
  • Bathrooms are made to be both stylish and highly functional.
  • All electrical sockets are safe with concealed wiring.

How to choose the interior of a new house

Quality materials in each room are necessary in order to create a beautiful home. It is also important to make sure that the design of your home is consistent and tasteful. The first step is to select a colour palette to decorate your new home. The second step is to select flooring for your various rooms. Options include carpets tiles or marble.

The third step is to select the furniture that you want to place in your home to give it personality. Getting to know your furniture preferences is essential. Look online for ideas. The fourth step can be selecting bathroom and kitchen items. Finally you should think about accessories > the finishing touches to your stunning abode. It is important to make your home feel cosy and to let it reflect your own personality.

Prices Stand December 2016