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Residential Plots for Sale in Bani Gala Islamabad with Price & Details(441)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Islamabad

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Looking to buy residential plots in Bani Gala, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Islamabad: The Beautiful Capital City

The capital of Pakistan Islamabad is among the most beautiful capitals in the world. The city is known for its progressive planning devised by the government of Punjab. It is known for its luxuriant green areas. The planning and infrastructure of the city are of the highest standards. Moreover the beautiful views of the mountains proves to be an enduring benefit. Islamabad is world famous for its beauty decor and attractiveness and recently competed on the world scene. The city made the entire nation proud. Moreover it is one of the largest cities in the world. The city provides a beautiful view of the fascinating Marggalla Hills. The place is ideal for bird watching; tourists and residents enjoy the movement of seasonal birds. The city has seen various significant urban settlements and new upmarket residential developments leading to growth in the population. Thus it resulted in an increase in the standard of services and living for the residents. It is the most urbanized city of Pakistan. Tourists visit the capital city to feel the cool calm and peaceful vibes. The place is fresh and clean keeping you healthy and safe from various diseases. Islamabad is kept modern and well maintained by the Government of Pakistan to maintain its prestigious title. The city is efficiently divided into different zones and sectors allowing it be the most organized and best maintained city in Pakistan.

Bani Gala: A Home from Home in Islamabad

Bani Gala is an emerging residential scheme in Islamabad. Moreover the housing plan is near the eastern bank of Rawal Lake. The terraced garden and the lake are used for picnics fishing and boating by the residents of the society. Bani Gala an idyllic little village is just a few minutes drive from Islamabad Serena Hotel and Jinnah Convention Centre. Murree road is also very near from here at only 30 minutes drive and Benazir Bhutto airport is only 17km far from Bani. Furthermore COMSATS the educational institution and University is just 15 minutes drive from Bani Gala.

Before all the urbanization and development projects Bani Gala was home to shepherds their cattle and country people. The vibrant green patches and fertile plains were the most suitable location for herding. However recent development projects have forged a new look for the village. Life in Bani Gala can offer a high standard of living. Bani Gala offers breathtaking mesmerizing scenic views. The locality's famous resident is the former head of the country's nuclear program Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan > chairman PTI Imran Khan. The quality of services match the living styles of the well to do. Owning land here will give you a chance to enjoy the same level of services at an affordable price. Land for residential and commercial purposes is available for investors. An investor can purchase a commercial property and add to their current developmental projects. Families can opt for residential land and enjoy the high quality services on offer. The society has top notch facilities for its residents and visiting businesspeople.

Bani Gala provides land for residential and commercial purposes in various sizes. The size of the land varies from location to location. The residential properties are of 5 Marla 10 Marla 15 Marla 20 Marla. Whereas the commercial land size is as large as 260 Marla. Various external and internal factors are under consideration when determining the price. However the price falls within the range of Rs. 1500000 and Rs. 97500000.

How to spend leisure time in Bani Gala

Spending quality time with family and friends is very important. You can visit the tourist attraction spots dine out visit parks and gardens. Bani Gala offers one of the best scenic views in Pakistan. The views from Rawal Lake are pure bliss for residents and tourists alike. Enjoying the relaxing and cool weather with family in recreational parks is how local pass many weekends in Bani Gala. For dining experiences the Kinara restaurant at Bani Gala has turned into a beautiful hangout spot at Rawal Lake.

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