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Looking to buy a House in Sargodha? Here is what you should know.

House for Sale in Sargodha

Sargodha, the 12th largest city of Pakistan in terms of population, is located in the province of Punjab. The metropolis is known as the “The City of Eagles” because of its contributions to the Pakistan Air Force in the 1965 war. After the war, the government established the PAF Base ‘Mushaf’ here. The British established the city of Sargodha in 1903 as a canal-colony. The British Air Force recognised the strategic location of this small town and established an airport. Sargodha is a fast-growing city and is encouraging the construction of housing schemes, with world-class infrastructure and modern facilities, to fulfill the changing living standards of the local residents. The government is taking measures to improve the infrastructure of the city, which has helped shape and modernise the real estate sector of this city. Some of the best areas to live in Sargodha are New Satellite Town, University Road, Aziz Bhatti Town, and Qartaba Town. Moreover, Sargodha’s economy is based on agriculture and is most famous for the production of citrus. High-quality oranges are produced here, which are then exported to other countries. This is the reason why Sargodha is also known as the ‘California of Pakistan’. Wheat, rice, cotton, and vegetables are also locally grown. The juice processing plants of Nestle and Shezan are also located in Sargodha.

Types of Houses in Sargodha

The development of housing societies in Sargodha is fast pacing. Some of the housing schemes are providing plots, while others are providing constructed houses, with premium facilities. Many gated societies have also sprung up in the city to cater to these emerging lifestyle needs. Satellite Town in Sargodha offers beautiful 3-Marla, 5-Marla, and 10-Marla houses for sale. These houses are spacious and well-constructed. A variety of both single-storey houses, as well as double-storey houses, are available. University Road Sargodha is another beautiful option for residence and investment. There are newly built houses with the best quality fixtures and fittings or some old solid, well-constructed houses. Aziz Bhatti Town is the most beautiful and clean area of Sargodha where houses are built on 5-Marla, 10-Marla, and 11-Marla land. 1-Kanal houses, with spacious rooms and attached bathrooms, are also available for sale in Sargodha.

House Prices in Sargodha

The prices of houses for sale in Sargodha differ based on the locality and land size. The houses in Sargodha start from 3-Marla to 5 Marla to 10 Marla and 1 Kanal to 2 Kanal. The price of a 5-Marla house can cost as low as PKR 20 lakhs and as high as PKR 1.6 crore. Moreover, a 10-Marla house can be found for at least PKR 40 lakhs to PKR 4 crore. A 1-Kanal house in Sargodha is priced between PKR 2.25 crore and PKR 6 crore and a 2 Kanal House from PKR 4 crore and PKR 7 crore.

Sale Price Trend for Houses for Sale in Sargodha

5 Marla

PKR 20 lakh – PKR 1.6 crore

10 Marla

PKR 40 lakh – PKR 4 crore

1 Kanal

PKR 2.25 crore – PKR 6 crore

2 Kanal

PKR 4 crore – PKR 7 crore

Schools, Universities, and Hospitals in Sargodha

The literacy rate of Sargodha was recorded at almost 80% in 2017. The city has its own Education Board for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Examinations. There are many well-reputed schools such as The City School, Dar-e-Arqam School, Comprehensive Girls High School, and Allied School. There are 4 famous universities, and many colleges, that provide specialised education for Medical Sciences, Law, IT, Commerce, and Engineering. The University of Sargodha is one of the best in this city and provides over 150 different degree programs for undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. The University of Lahore (Sargodha Campus) is also situated at a drive of approximately 15 mins. Sargodha is well-equipped in the Health Sector and ensures that quality healthcare facilities are provided to the local residents. Private and Army-owned hospitals are also located here. Combined Military Hospital, Fauji Foundation Hospital & PAF Hospital are owned and run by army officials, whereas the DHQ Teaching Hospital, Halal-e-Ahmar Hospital, and University Medical Research Center are privately owned.

Restaurants, Shopping, and Other Facilities in Sargodha

Sargodha offers its residents all the basic facilities of life including clean water, parks for recreational activity, markets, mosques, gas, electricity, banks, and salons. Gymkhana Club-Sargodha is equipped with a medical complex, internet, sports facilities, theater, rooms, and restaurants. There are many dining facilities both local and fast food. Zam Zam Restaurant, Kaytlee, and Picante Peri-Peri Cafe offer modern ambiance and a variety of food options. Waseb Hotel and Restaurant, Pizza Bites, Al Makkah Hotel and Restaurant, and Khan Baba are also some more dine-out options available in Sargodha. Several shopping centers are also located in the city, where residents can visit. Ghumman Mall in Satellite Town, Al Hamd Shopping Mall, or Modern Shopping Mall are some of the top places. Apart from these malls, there is a local market in the vicinity of University Road Sargodha.

Why invest in Sargodha?

The city’s real estate market is quickly progressing, hence buying a house in Sargodha will be beneficial for potential owners and investors alike. Investors are intrigued to purchase houses so they can procure high yields. Besides, as per the property experts, it is now the best time to invest in property in Sargodha as the prices are low and very reasonable. The moderate crime rate and the emergence of gated communities, equipped with the best facilities, make Sargodha an ideal place to reside in. These housing projects aim to facilitate the people by providing easy payment plans, so people can live comfortably.