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Looking to buy plot files in Multan? Here is what you should know.

Multan: The Land of Spirituality

Pakistan's fifth largest city Multan is located in South Punjab and enjoys immense importance. It is known to be the city of spirituality and Sufism since many revered Sufi saints and poets hail from this city and the city is also houses their mausoleums. It is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back to about 6000 years and is rich in cultural and historical heritage. The city is famous for its colorful bazars typical Multani blue and white pottery architectural goodness in the form of popular shrines like those of Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Fariduddin Ganjshakar and the wonderful dessert known as > Sohn Halwa > . It is one of the most cardinal metropolitan cities of Pakistan and ranks amongst the most desirable urban centers to reside in these days.

What Makes Plot for Sale in Multan Worth Investing

Once a relatively smaller civilization that major urban cities like Karachi Lahore and Rawalpindi Multan has undergone immense growth in the past decade. Not only has the city grown in terms of population it has also grown in terms of infrastructure as a result of increased domestic and foreign investment and the overnight construction of many housing and commercial projects. With developers taking keen interest in this city cashing on the city's ideal location and exploring its unexploited potential the city has become the latest real estate hotspot.

With the arrival of major real estate developers in the city especially the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) the city has grabbed the spotlight recently. Since Multan is an agricultural city and is famous for its produce of wheat mangoes sugarcane cotton and citrus the city provides excellent opportunities to invest in agricultural land. Moreover new localities in the city such as Shalimar Colony Wapda Town and DHA The city offer the best civic amenities and incomparable infrastructure for property seekers and the best residential and commercial plots in Multan. Plot files and plots for sale in Multan are located in the abovementioned neighborhoods and range between 10 marlas to 5 kanals whereas sale prices range from Rs. 325000 and 35000000.

Things To Do with a Plot

  • Buy and sell plots at a profit as part of a proper real estate business. This not only can be done informally i.e. without setting up a real estate agency of your own but also reaps great profits if done sensibly and while keeping in mind the market trends
  • Sublet your plot i.e. give it out on rent for commercial purposes events weddings or sports matches
  • Use it as a long-term investment or a post-retirement fund by selling it after the value increases tenfold