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Upper Portions for Sale in Islamabad
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About renting in upper portions in Islamabad.

Islamabad: The Grace of the Margallas

Islamabad replaced Karachi as the capital city of Pakistan back in the 1960s and was custom built according to modern day and age. It is divided into sectors and subsectors that are alphabetically labeled and is undoubtedly the cleanest and most tranquil settlements in Pakistan. The city is also known for the Margalla Hills whose footsteps the city is based on the Islamabad Monument government buildings and the Parliament alongside the Diplomatic Enclave and embassies. Islamabad was once known as a dull and dismal city but has developed a vibrant social culture as of late. All in all the city is the first choice for the esteemed affluent and elite.

Portion for rent in Islamabad: The Best Rental Option

Talking of the happening city s social scene the city is rife with social elite that are dedicated towards arts literature culture and social responsibility giving rise to an active civil society. The city is home to many restaurants including Cheeky Joe's Burger King Gloria Jeans The Monal and Tutti Fruity; top-notch schools like BeaconHouse School System Roots and Head Start; hospitals and medical colleges like Shifa Medical Center and supermarkets like Jinnah Super. In a city that is exploding with social activity and opportunities of natural expeditions people are pouring in and occupancy is increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore finding a suitable accommodation in the city is a difficult task. In that case renting property especially individual house portions is the ideal solution at hand. Portions for rent are not only affordable but also safe and secure whilst giving you a wholesome experience of the city and its lifestyle.

Upper portions for rent in Islamabad are ideal for small families students or professionals who choose to reside in the city also those who are unable to buy their own houses and moving to other metropolitan cities in Pakistan such as Lahore Karachi or Faisalabad. Yet upper portions give the residents the privacy that they require while exposing them to the experience of harmonious living alongside other tenants residing in other portions of the same house. Renting upper portions also reduce utility expenditures since portions are small convenient and manageable. Portions for rent in Islamabad range from 4 marlas to 22 marlas in size while monthly rent lies between Rs. 15000 to 225000 which is quite nominal in a city like Islamabad.

Tips for Your Upper Portion:

  • Invest in rooftop insulation to prevent the upper portion from becoming too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • Pay special attention to your terrace or balcony and make it the cardinal feature of your home by adorning it with a coffee table cosy sofas and warm fairy lights
  • Make sure the lighting in your portion is sublime and layered