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Houses for Rent in G-10 Islamabad with Price & Details(29)

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Houses for Sale in G-10 Islamabad
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About renting in houses in G-10, Islamabad.

Houses for Rent in Sector G-10 Islamabad

The capital city of Islamabad in the north of Pakistan is situated in likely one of the most picturesque regions of the country. It is located at the southern reaches of the Himalaya Mountain Range and is nestled comfortably below the Margalla Hills National Park. The city itself is set up in such a way that it incorporates many green spaces (parks trees and gardens) into its urban infrastructure. As such it is always a good investment to buy property here and even in times of economic downturn prices are not likely to drop drastically from year to year. Therefore it is safe to say that what you purchase today will probably have a higher selling the following year. That said for those wary of purchasing houses for rent in G10 Islamabad can actually be a low-cost option for investing.

The Long Haul: Subletting for Rental Income

For those looking to make a quick profit in the market Islamabad is not always the best option. Longer-term investors tend to do better here as with Pakistan in general. So thinking along the lines of long-term investment there are many cost-effective ways to see a good return without simply flipping houses. For instance take the popular and central neighborhood of Sector G-10.

A house for rent in G10 Islamabad or for that matter in Sector G-11 can be a very cost-effective alternative to buying. The average 2015 cost to rent a house in Islamabad is Rs. 83097 per month. A 5-bedroom house in Sector G-10 can have a rent as low as Rs. 15000 per month. In a house with such a low rent subletting becomes a very interesting possibility to make rental income. Of course this is a great way to invest here. But getting a house for rent in Islamabad G 10 is also an affordable and comfortable way to set yourself up when relocating to the area.

Other Ways to Invest in Islamabad

Investing in houses for rent especially a house for rent in G-10 Islamabad as mentioned above is only one way to get into the market here. There are many other options such as buying a house for sale in Sector G-10 or buying plots of land for sale in Sector G-13 nearby. The key ingredients to any good investment are research flexibility and diversity. Profit is not the only factor to consider. Remember when you purchase real-estate you are not just buying property you are buying into a community.