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Looking to buy houses in G-10, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Houses for Sale in Sector G-10 Islamabad

Finding a house for sale in G-10 Islamabad might be a daunting task for some especially given the slight trend for property prices dropping in Pakistan overall. But of course fears and concerns can often cloud judgement and rational thinking. With the average price of a house for sale in Islamabad at approximately Rs. 34238750 the second-highest average in the nation behind only Karachi buying a house for sale in Islamabad G 10 might not seem like a good idea. And although being cautious is a good thing especially in terms of investing being overly cautious can be a bad thing. Caution should never prevent and investor from doing their research.

Research Research and Research: The Three Golden Rules

There are many parts of the capital city of Islamabad that are perfect for investing. And not just in houses for sale. There are also opportunities for apartments and commercial properties for sale. Even renting is a good option for those who prefer to take their time entering the market. One needs only to be diligent patient and open-minded to find the perfect deal for one's budget.

Houses for sale in G10 Islamabad are of particular interest to those looking for good prices and good value. For instance some listings for a house for sale in Sector G-10 can go for Rs. 15000000--well under the city's average. That price would buy almost 200 square yards 3 to 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and modern design and amenities.

City of the Nation City of National Parks

Sector G-10 is situated in a beautiful green part of Islamabad. With the Kashmir Highway at its southern border and the Nazim-ud-din Road at its northern border the neighborhood is also very well connected to the rest of the city. For many the allure of Islamabad is not just its metropolitan aspect but also its closeness to nature. Sector G-10 is a perfect example of this. In every direction one will find oneself only minutes away from vast green spaces and parks. Within Walking distance of the neighborhood there is the Fatima Jinnah Park. A little further away lies the Shakar National Park. And most spectacular is the Margalla Hills National Park which occupies the entire northern limits of the city which is easily accessible by car from Sector G-10.