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Murree is an exurb of Islamabad in northern Pakistan. Its name means > a high place > � in Urdu and as is situated on the outer Himalayas it is a befitting name. The area is unique compared to most of the rest of Pakistan. It is specifically located in the Pir Panjal Range and is technically a part of the Rawalpindi district. It is unique because of its elevation and the subsequently colder climate it enjoys. One is reminded of the Alpine region of Europe when viewing the areas peaks from afar. It is not so high that the weather becomes extreme and quite to the contrary it has a rather temperate climate. Cooler air and picturesque landscapes are a refreshing change of scenery and make property for sale in Murree a beautiful and interesting alternative for investors and those wishing to relocate.

A Mountain Jewel

Typical apartments in Murree range in size from 45 square feet to 150 square feet. Prices for these apartments can go from Rs. 2500000 to Rs. 9000000. The costs for an apartment for sale in other areas such as greater Rawalpindi can fall into this range and sometimes exceed it. So when comparing flats in murree for sale with those in other areas there is no great financial difference. This is great news for adventurous or romantic investors who would like to place their funds in a scenic mountain town as opposed to the more common urban markets for apartments such as Islamabad or Lahore.

There are many beautiful geological wonders in the region in which Murree finds itself. The hills and mountains of the region are covered in oak and pine trees. On clear days the peaks of the Kashimir region can be seen from the town.

It also contains several architectural remnants of the colonial era such as mock-Tudor and neo-gothic buildings. There are many hill stations chairlifts and lookout points which attract many visitors from all over the world in droves every year. Murree is definitely worth looking and truly the > mountain jewel > � of Pakistan.