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Karachi: The city by the sea

Who would have imagined that this city by the sea home to a few fishermen who lived in small huts close to the creek would have blossomed into a megalopolis. Yes this is Karachi the commercial capital of Pakistan. It has the representation of almost all international banks and airlines. Moreover there are beautiful mosques markets churches libraries and lots more. It is a shopper's paradise as it hosts everything from traditional oriental open bazaars with colors and narrow streets to top notch shopping malls such as Dolmen Mall Park Towers and Atrium Mall. The bustling commercial activities take place even in the wee hours of the night. You cannot help but falling in love with this > City by the Sea > �.

Commercial property in Karachi

Karachi has a lot to offer and you can surely not get bored in this city. With regards to commercial properties they are all over Karachi. Starting from Shara-e-Faisal with all kind of office buildings to the Clifton area where you can find high end malls to Tariq Road where you get Kurtis and Chappals. Next is DHA the posh locality where you go out for dinner at the new > Do Darya > � restaurant and enjoy the sea food sitting by the sea side. Likewise there is Kemari where you have to go by boat and can then enjoy the scrumptious sea-food caught and cooked right in front of you.

There is so much to discover in this city. As a bustling business hub there are workshops and offices and headquarters of multinationals all over the city. This makes it easy to rent commercial properties and use them for your desired business purposes.

Tips for renting commercial property

  • The lease period is your first negotiation point and it is recommended that small businesses negotiate for a shorter term lease.
  • Clear about the expenses as in whether there will be a separate meter and how will they be measured.
  • Read each and every detail about the lease goes without saying.
  • Consider adding clauses to protect your business such as sublease which allows you to sublet your unit to other businesses in case yours does not work and an exclusivity clause which prevents the landlord from leasing any other premises on the same building to your competitors.