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Looking to buy houses in PECHS, Jamshed Town,Karachi? Here is what you should know.

PECHS Karachi: Insignia of Residential Excellence

Situated in Karachi's prestigious Jamshed Town the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society is one of the most renowned residential sectors in Karachi. Constructed for the sole aim of providing affordable comfortable and well facilitated residential houses and plots to the employees of Government of Pakistan PECHS was launched in 1989. Since it is located in the center of the city PECHS is considered one of the most posh and secure locations in the city and prices of property in the location continue to sky rocket even after all this time owing to constant progress and uninterrupted provision of amenities for the residents.

Idyllic Houses for Sale in P.E.C.H.S Karachi

When you think about PECHS the most striking feature that comes to mind is its impeccable locality that outweighs other housing societies in the city by a large margin. Located in the area enclosed by M.A. Jinnah Road and Shahrah-e-Faisal PECHS is a part of Jamshed Town and is connected to a multitude of main routes such as Shahrah-e-Qaideen Tariq Road Sir Syed Road Shaheed-e-Millat Road Jail Road and Dadabhoy Nauroji Road. It is also proximate to the Lyari Expressway thus making commute to not only adjoining areas within Karachi but also adjoining cities extremely easy. Tariq Road that passes through this sector is one of the most popular attractions in Karachi since it is the oldest commercial hub in the city that came into being before modern commercial zones like Clifton and Defence existed. Tariq Road is flanked on both sides with shopping malls such as Rabi Center Dubai Shopping Mall Uzma Center Tariq Center Dolmen Center and Bahria Town in addition to famous outlets like Chen One and Jaffer Jee's.

PECHS is also the hub of some of the most tantalizing restaurants in the city such as McDonald's Little China Sky View Caf and KFC among others. House for sale in PECHS Karachi start from Rs. 10000000 and go up to 170000000 whereas pechs Karachi house for sale they range from 8 marlas to 4 kanals in terms of area.

Things to Know for First-Time Home Buyers

  • Prioritize your wants and needs > You may need a house with a certain number of rooms to accommodate your family but you may simply want a swimming pool in your house. Needs are things that you absolutely require whereas wants are mere extravagances in most cases. Know the difference!
  • Get the right real estate agent > If you are new and lack property buying/ selling experience it is always recommended to hire the best real estate agent in town. Make sure that your agent specializes in the sort of property and localities you are interested in.
  • Comprehend what you're signing > People often hire lawyers to represent and advise them during a home-buying deal. This is a good move and enables you to better understand the terms and conditions of the transaction and avoids troublesome law suits in the future.