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About renting in houses in PECHS, Jamshed Town,Karachi.

Houses for Rent in PECHS Karachi

PECHS also known as Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society is a neighborhood in Jamshed Town. It is an affluent part of the city of Karachi and with about 1000000 residents it is considered by some to be a city within a city. As with many neighborhoods in the city PECHS has everything one needs to live all within about 10 square kilometers. If one so chose there would be no need to leave the neighborhood unless it was to visit the multitude of nearby sites and activity centers such as the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam the Karachi Golf Club or Aga Khan University.

In PECHS All Roads Lead to Karachi

Karachi is known as the best real-estate market in Pakistan. There is no exception to this to be found in PECHS. Surrounded by many parks schools and cultural centers investors and those looking to relocate will find that their funds will go quite far in this part of the city. There are many property types to purchase here such as houses commercial properties and apartments. Investing here is very smart as the area is well-connected to other parts of the city via major roads such as Kashmir Road Jamshed Road and the major highways of Shahrah-e-Faisal and Jehangir Sethna Road.

Parties interested in finding the perfect house for rent in PECHS Karachi will be able to choose from properties in the range of Rs. 17000 per month for a 600-square-foot 2-bedroom house in Block 2 to Rs. 1000000 per month for a gigantic 35-bedroom house in Block 6. Other properties for rent include commercial properties and apartments for those who would like to diversify their investment.

A Truly Central Park

When looking for a house for rent in PECHS Karachi or any other property it is important to remember that the closer it is to Jheel Park the likelier it is that the price will rise. The park is the heart of PECHS and a symbol of the area. It has recently been remodeled at the request of the locals of the neighborhood. The word > Jheel > � means > lake > � in Urdu which is appropriate as there is a natural lake in the middle of the park. Many families spend their leisure time there playing games in the grass with their children sitting by the edge of the lake or taking walks. The renovated and vibrant character of the park has truly made it the Central Park of PECHS.