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Flats for Sale in Bahadurabad Karachi with Price & Details(133)

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Looking to buy flats in Bahadurabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town,Karachi? Here is what you should know.

Apartments for Sale in Bahadurabad Karachi

Bahadurabad is a neighborhood in the southern portion of Gulshan Town one of the many towns of Karachi. Gulshan is an important part of the city in that the main campus of the University of Karachi is located there. The town is bordered to the east by Malir Cantonment; to the west New Karachi; and to the south Jamshed Town. Each of these areas is equally an important piece of the city. Jinnah International Airport is located in Malir. Jamshed Town is home to many cultural and national landmarks and is a gateway to the city center. Thus Bahadurabad is a key location that links many different parts of the city making it a prime location for investment and living. Flats in Bahadurabad Karachi are especially attractive considering the affordable prices central location and middle-class character of the area.

Bahadurabad Karachi: For Local and Foreign Investment

With almost 1000000 residents according to recent estimates Bahadurabad is more of a city than it is a neighborhood for some people. Compared to the availability of houses the availability of apartments seems to be far more common here. This follows logically considering the neighborhood's urban residential aspect. As such finding a flat for sale in Bahadurabad Karachi can be quite easy.

Prices range from Rs. 6000000 for a 166-square-yard 3-bedroom apartment in the heart of the neighborhood to Rs. 35000000 for a 6-bedroom 188-square-yard flat nearby. With the large number of units available and their affordable costs it should it be easy for almost anyone to find a suitable apartment for sale in Bahadurabad Karachi.

Aside from apartments there are other types of properties and investments possible here. Houses are available for sale as well. And for those who are looking for something less residential land and commercial properties for sale can be found.

Lists Are a Buyer's Best Friend

Any professional investor knows that no matter what your experience level writing down everything can be a money-saver. Therefore it is suggested that when researching and viewing apartments and other properties for sale or rent lists can be your best friend. Some things to makes notes about are requirements and preferences quoted prices and estimates features and amenities mentioned in listings and most importantly any defects found when viewing properties. Keeping an organized written record of the buying process from beginning to end will ensure that there are no last minute changes to an offer price or fees.