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Looking to buy offices in Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Islamabad: The Seat of Commerce

Islamabad is a multifaceted city that is known for a variety of things and has aspects that never fail to amaze. Not only is it the federal capital city of Pakistan but is also known for its parks hills and topographical supremacy. It is the city of Lok Virsa and cultural heritage; of relics of architectural goodness like the Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument of government and political parliaments and most importantly of commerce and businesses. With a city brimming with commercial activity the city proves itself as the best setting for those interested in investing in commercial property.

Commercial Property and Office for Rent in Islamabad

Islamabad is the epicenter for commerce and business and houses head offices of various multinational corporations organizations and companies including Pakistan Tobacco Company Telenor Pakistan United Nations and USAID amongst a plethora of others. Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area is the main commercial hub of Islamabad and is considered the ideal locale for commercial plazas shopping malls and offices of all sorts. The city is home to an affluent populace and therefore offers the best base for a commercial setup for all those seeking a spot for their business launch. With a wide consumer base excellent road networks for transportation of goods availability of utilities and access to the best facilities commercial offices and other properties in Islamabad stand unparalleled.

Offices for rent in Islamabad and commercial properties for sale in Islamabad are majorly located in Sectors E sector F and sector G as well as in DHA and Blue Area. Commercial properties for rent range from Rs. 12000 to 858000 per month whereas those for sale range from Rs. 1400000 to 200000000.

Tips for Real Estate Investors

  • Specialize > Focus on just one type of property that you wish to specialize in. Trying to do commercial property retail apartments houses and plots all at once can make you jack of all traits but master of none.
  • Legal protection > Are your assets protected enough? Make sure that you have all legalities and insurance formalities sorted out to avoid losses in case of fraudulent takeovers arson or natural disasters.
  • Partnerships > If your real estate investment business is in collaboration with another (or multiple) partner(s) make sure you have your paperwork done that clearly delineates your investment profit and ownership etc.