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Looking to buy houses in Ghauri Town, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Houses for Sale in Ghori Town Islamabad

Ghori Town also known as Ghauri Town is a development and housing scheme in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi area of Pakistan. It is situated on the eastern side of the Korang River. The Ghori Town Main Road which crosses the river connects the area to the service road for the Islamabad Expressway. Living in the area provides access to several local and national landmarks and institutions such as the National Agricultural Research Centre and the Shakar Parian National Park. Additionally the Benazir Bhutto International Airport is located on the other side of the expressway making the area globally accessible. These sites and the nearness of the capital city of Islamabad and its sister city Rawalpindi make the area very attractive for newcomers and investors.

Getting in on the Ground Floor

The development is a mix of already-built properties and planned properties. It is divided into several phases the latest one of which is Ghauri Town Phase 7. Since parts of the development are still in the early stages there are many interesting offers and bargains to be had in the area especially in Phase 7.

Prices at these early stages are typically lower than in later stages which makes the area of particular interest to beginner investors. Plots without houses also tend to be lower since the costs of construction would still need to be covered. So investors interested in areas at a more advanced stage of development can search for houses for sale in nearby Bahria Town or even apartments for sale there. Bahria Town is a much older and more established development and therefore can accommodate more experienced buyers.

Houses for Sale in Ghauri Town: Prices

A house for sale in Ghauri Town Islamabad can be priced at around Rs. 2000000 for 150-square-yard houses and go as high as Rs. 40000000 for 400-square-yard houses. Compared to the cost of houses for sale in nearby Rawalpindi where prices start at Rs. 4000000 and can be as high as Rs. 350000000 for larger houses. With these numbers entering the market is quite easy and affordable.