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Flats for Sale in Bahria Town Islamabad with Price & Details(228)

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Flats for Rent in Bahria Town Islamabad
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Looking to buy flats in Bahria Town, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

The Good Life: Apartments in Bahria Town Islamabad

Among the top five cities in Pakistan in which to invest is the capital city of Islamabad. The city is home to a diverse set of neighborhoods and developments many of which are already established and others that are up-and-coming. Islamabad's twin city is Rawalpindi and they are almost inseparable. Proof of this is the Bahria Town development. The northern part of Bahria Town is more a part of Islamabad and the southern part is deeper within the limits of Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town is a mix of highly developed areas closer to Islamabad and less-developed areas closer to Rawalpindi. The area is divided into its northern and southern halves by both the Soan River and the Takht Pari Forest. In both halves of the development there are many apartments for sale which are relatively affordable but the most cost-effective areas are closer to Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town: Apartments in Islamabad

Buying apartments for sale in Bahria Town is very affordable. The average price per square yard of an apartment for sale is very low in Bahria Town when compared to Islamabad's overall average. Finding apartments for rent is more of a challenge and the average price per square yard in rent is higher when compared to average prices for houses for rent in Islamabad. There are more reasons to invest in the area than just financials.

There are many shops schools and mosques in both the northern and southern parts of Bahria Town Islamabad. In the southern part there is the Syed Gold Mall the Dr. Abdul-Qadir Khan School and College and the Umer Block Masjid. In the north there is the KaSaHan Mall the Bahria International Academy and the Garden City Masjid. In addition to the lucrative possibilities of the area there is also a burgeoning community as evidenced by the above institutions.