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Looking to buy houses in G-13, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Islamabad: The Picturesque Sensation

Situated at the foothills of the marvelous Margalla Hills Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and undoubtedly the most developed and well-planned city in the country. Located up north of the Punjab province the city is celebrated for its unparalleled landscape clear blue lakes magnificent hills and optimum climate. The city is nothing but sheer joy for tourists and residents alike.

  • Shakarparian: Shakarparian is derived from the Potohari words > Shakar > meaning sweet and > parao > meaning rest since it a resting spot for travelers. Shakarparian includes a hill a family park and the illustrious monument as its key attractions.
  • Margalla Hills: Forming a part of the lesser Himalayas the Margalla Hills are the emblem of the city. The mountainous range cover an area of 12605 hectares. The hills are renowned for their exquisite flora and fauna including wildlife such as monkeys exotic birds and an endangered leopard species and trees like the Mulberry Eucalyptus and Silver Oak. Locals and tourists frequently visit the Margalla Hills for bird watching hiking paragliding and rock climbing.

Why Choose a House for Sale in G13 Islamabad?

The city is divided into a wide array of sectors and further subsectors out of which G-13 Islamabad is considered to be one of the most luxurious and grand residential sectors. With state-of-the-art facilities like security systems commercial zones shopping malls parks schools and colleges it is the ideal place to reside.

Houses for sale in g13 Islamabad are planned and designed by top-notch architects and engineers and use the best construction materials. The houses are newly built and have a modern twist to them rendering them perfect for contemporary lifestyles. The ceilings floors and bathroom/ kitchen fittings are robust and aesthetically pleasing. Each of the g-13 house for sale has been constructed with great attention to detail.

A typical house for sale in Islamabad g 13 ranges from 4 marlas g13 house for sale to 1.2 kanal house for sale in g-13 islamabad in size with about 2 to 7 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Prices range from Rs. 9500000 to Rs. 25200000 on average.

Tips for Finding the Best G 13 House for Sale

  • Make a checklist of your requirements. Put all those dreams on paper!
  • Visit all the houses with a flexible viewpoint and don't stick to ideas of houses that you may never find.
  • Look up and down. Take a thorough look at the floorings and ceilings and literally every nook and cranny.
  • Open all closets and cupboards to check whether they are spacious enough. Storage space can be a real botheration later on.
  • Take a look at the prospective g13 house for sale at different times of the day to discover changes in noise direction of the wind and changes in daylight at different times of the day.