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Looking to buy houses in F-8, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Pakistan's Capital: Islamabad on the Rise

Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is the third most popular city in the nation. As with the rest of the country the capital city has seen steady growth in recent years and this has affected the real-estate market in a positive way. Since average incomes have been increasing the demand for property especially residential property has been increasing as well.

This increase in demand has put a large amount of pressure on developers in major cities as well as in emerging cities. This pressure has resulted in the an increasing availability of houses and apartments. Additionally in the capital and elsewhere prices in 2015 have been at record lows which makes buying and renting property affordable as well as easy.

Houses for Sale in Islamabad Sector F-8

The city of Islamabad is divided into neighborhoods and sectors. Many of the popular and affluent sectors like Sector F-8 are located around the intersection of the Kashmir and Islamabad Highways. Sector F-8 is next to the Fatima Jinnah Park which makes it a very ideal place to live.

Houses for sale in Sector F-8 Islamabad are also very affordable. For example in 2015 a twenty-marla house for sale was available for approximately Rs. 70000000. A property at this price could feature three bedrooms three bathrooms a beautiful kitchen dining room studio and much more. The neighborhood is also very convenient with shopping restaurants and services nearby.

Houses for Rent in Islamabad Sector F-8

If you are in the market for a house but can't afford or commit to a purchase at the moment houses for rent in Islamabad Sector F-8 are also easy to find and very affordable. A three-bedroom house for rent here in 2015 was available for between approximately Rs. 110000 and Rs. 250000.

Other neighborhoods in the area that are equally affordable are Sectors G-8 and G-9 both of which are very popular. Like Sector F-8 they are close to many convenient amenities as well as landmarks such as the Shakar Parian National Park and the Margalla Hills National Park. As with Islamabad in general these neighborhoods are ideal for comfortable living and make for a good investment.