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Looking to buy Houses for Sale in Bahawalpur? Here is what you should know.

Buying a House in Bahawalpur

The city of Nawabs, Bahawalpur, was founded in 1748 and is the 11th largest city of Pakistan located in the province of Punjab. Bahawalpur was ruled by the Nawabs until 1955, all the while generating a rich architectural heritage, and hence this city is still known for its landmarks and monuments to date. Some of the famous palaces located in Bahawalpur include Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Sadiq Garh Palace, as well as an ancient fort of Derawar — located in the Cholistan Desert.

Types of Houses in Bahawalpur

Citizens of Bahawalpur prefer living in a house over an apartment. A variety of houses are available for sale in the city, with varying sizes — all depending on the preferences of the buyers and the size of their families. The sizes of houses for sale in Bahawalpur may vary from 2 Marla, 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla, and even 10 Marla. You can also find 1 Kanal to 3 Kanal properties in the city. There are plenty of secure investment options available in Bahawalpur, including some prime housing projects like DHA Bahawalpur, Al Noor Gardens, Shadman City, and the Khayaban-e-Ali Housing Society.

Houses Prices in Bahawalpur

Prices may vary depending on the location and the size of the house. A 2-Marla house can cost between PKR 10 Lakh to PKR 50 Lakh, depending on the locality. A 3.5-Marla house will approximately cost between PKR 15 Lakh to PKR 75 Lakh, and a 5-Marla house is likely to be around PKR 15 Lakh to PKR 1.25 Crore. The minimum and maximum prices are listed in the table below:

Sale Price Trend for Houses for Sale in Bahawalpur

2 Marla

PKR 10 lakh – PKR 50 lakh

3.5 Marla

PKR 15 lakh – PKR 75 lakh

5 Marla

PKR 15 lakh – PKR 1.25 crore

10 Marla

PKR 50 lakh – PKR 3 crore

1 Kanal

PKR 70 lakh – PKR 7 crore

3 Kanal

PKR 3.5 crore – PKR 10 crore

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bahawalpur

There are many educational institutions located in Bahawalpur, which are providing students with quality education. Institutions like the CMH Institute of Medical Sciences Bahawalpur, Aptech Computer Education Bahawalpur, and the National College of Business Administration and Management Sciences (NCBAE) Bahawalpur offer professional degrees whereas Sadiq Dane High School and The Educators are offering qualifications in higher education. Hospitals like the Civil Hospital, Bahawalpur Hospital, and Al-Shifa Hospital are located within the city limits and are well-equipped to deal with medical emergencies with modern facilities.

Shopping and Restaurants in Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur has a variety of both conventional bazaars and shopping centers. The Shahi Bazaar and Machli Bazaar are the most popular marketplaces where locals and sightseers can purchase traditionally made handicrafts. Bahawalpur is famous for its clay pottery, elaborately embroidered clothes and shoes, Chunri and Mukesh dupattas, and ‘Kundan jewelry’. Dining out in the city is a delight experience, as you can get everything and anything from cheap food to desi rarities. You can grab fast food from restaurants like Mcdonald’s, KFC, or Subway, or opt for fine dining at Panda A or Libra Valley.

Facilities & Security in Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur offers almost all the fundamental and essential facilities needed by a resident. The city’s security has been greatly improved with the installation of CCTV cameras. In terms of tourist attractions, Bahawalpur has several historical places, attracting both national and international visitors, that generates heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful architectural wonders like the Noor Mahal, the Gulzar Mahal, the Darbar Mahal, and the Sadiq Garh Palace. Moreover, families can also enjoy a day-long trip to the Cholistan Desert, where the majestic Derawar Fort is located. Furthermore, Bahawalpur is ‘the spot’ for all cricket lovers. The first-ever cricket ground in Western Pakistan to host a Test match is situated in this city — the Bahawalpur stadium, also known as the ‘Ding Stadium’, additionally offers gym and pool facilities to the city’s residents. The UNESCO-declared Biosphere Reserve ‘Lal Suhanra National Park’ in Bahawalpur is one the largest parks in South Asia and is renowned for its diverse landscapes, including desert, forest and wetlands. Several different animal species can be found throughout the park. Tourists can also camp for an ‘overnight experience’.

Why invest in Bahawalpur?

The variety of real estate options in Bahawalpur offers several investment opportunities when it comes to buying a house. With the number of new housing projects in Bahawalpur increasing over the years, the spike in investment opportunities, with a lucrative return on investments (ROI), have skyrocketed. The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) have also started a housing project in Bahawalpur. The management of DHA Bahawalpur are encouraging buyers and investors alike to invest in the project — as the prices are low and will likely increase manyfold in the near future. The definition of a ‘perfect property’ depends from person to person. However, the variety of houses for sale in Bahawalpur does intrigue an individual’s curiosity. Bahawalpur offers houses for sale with varying sizes — from 2 to 5 Marla residences to properties of up to 3 Kanal. The agriculturally rich Bahawalpur is located exactly in the middle of Pakistan, which allows residents equal travelling opportunities to get to either end of the country — be it Karachi or Kashmir. The industrial sector of Bahawalpur has also been expanding exponentially, which has in turn generated new job opportunities. Therefore, making it the perfect time to invest in the real estate sector of Bahawalpur.