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Residential Plots for Sale in Wapda Town Multan with Price & Details(313)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Multan

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Looking to buy residential plots in Wapda Town, Multan? Here is what you should know.

Multan: City of Sufis

Multan is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the fifth most populous city in the country. It is known as the city of Sufis since it is home to many Sufi shrines. The city is filled with beautiful architecture such as mosques and ornate tombs. Much of the architecture is dedicated to the Sufi saints and poets that make up a large portion of its history and culture.

Multan is also known as a political and economic center of the country. It has a very developed transportation system which includes hundreds of kilometers of paved roads such as the N-5 National Highway. There are many coach bus services and railways. The Chenab River runs along the city's western border which is where the Multan International Airport is located.

WAPDA Town Multan: Plots for Sale

Multan is a great place to invest in real-estate because the costs of entry into the market are relatively low and it has a steadily rising economy. There are many neighborhoods and areas of the city such as WAPDA Town where you can make a good start. WAPDA Town is located in the north of the city near the Northern Bypass road and the Bahauddin Zakariya University.

Buying plots of land in WAPDA Town very easy. The two basic types of plots are residential and commercial though some can be both. There are also apartments houses and commercial spaces for sale as well. The area is divided into sections called phases and blocks. Some phases and blocks to buy plots of land are Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Block A Block E and Block S.

Comparison: Residential and Commercial Plots of Land

When buying plots of land in WAPDA Town or elsewhere in Pakistan there are other things to take into consideration aside from plot prices. The type of land you are building on is also important.

Obviously residential land is for building homes such as apartments or houses. Of course commercial land is for building commercial structures such as retail spaces warehouses or factories. In Pakistan it is illegal to put residential land to commercial use.