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Residential Plots for Sale in Bahria Town Lahore with Price & Details(4247)

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Looking to buy residential plots in Bahria Town, Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Bahria Town Karachi Map and Location: The Vision

Since 1996 Bahria Town has strived to introduce modern residential properties and commercial projects working its way up the ladder to become the biggest estate developer in Asia. The housing society aims to revolutionize the landscape in Pakistan and to bring state-of-the-art facilities to the market. Located a mere 25-minute drive from the Jinnah International Airport and just 20-minutes from the center of the city it enjoys a great geostrategic advantage. This allows residents to enjoy the convenience and ease of navigating the city.

After phenomenal success in Lahore and the twin cities the housing scheme has now moved into Karachi. With its promise of building a > city within a city > it is undoubtedly transforming the notion of a perfect lifestyle. Bahria town Karachi rates vary depending on the location of the property. Bahria town pricing update for plots for sale depends on the latest prices of Bahria Town in Karachi also based on location on map and area of the plots.

A Look at Bahria Town Karachi Prices

B-Town is renowned for its international standard living experience and the facilities it provides to its residents. The community features include Pakistan's biggest shopping mall Bahria Sports City a golf course named Bahria Golf City community centers high rise apartments cinemas a theme park mosques one of the largest hospitals in the country and attractive monuments. Moreover the community has its own power generation plant to counter load shedding.

Luckily for investors there is a wide range of different plots on the market. In Bahria Town Karachi buyers have the choice of 125 250 5001000 and 2000 square yard plots. Buyers can schedule their payments over 16 installments lasting four years. Rates change frequently but as of the 17th August 2016 they are as follows:

Bahria Town Karachi Residential

Size Total Rs Lakh

125 30

250 60

500 85

1000 1.55 Crore

At Bahria Town commercial plots are also ready to purchase. Plots of 125 200 and 250 square yards can be acquired and offer attractive return on investment possibilities given the steady price increases since they went on sale.

Bahria Town Karachi Commercial

Size Total Rs Crore

125 1.25

200 1.99

250 2.49

Bahria Sports City is an enticing proposition for those seeking a high standard of living in a healthy environment. Offering Pakistan's largest cricket stadium and a grand gymnasium with tennis squash and badminton courts sports fans will be well catered for. Thrill seekers will be kept entertained with the high-tech go-kart track. In Bahria Sports City you can find 250 500 and 1000 square yard plots. The total price includes a down payment of roughly 11 percent of the total price so for a 250-yard plot priced at 3650000 it would be roughly 425000. 20 installments will be scheduled over a period of five years. As of August 16th 2016 the price for plots is as follows:

Bahria Sports City

Size Total

250 3650000

500 5850000

1000 9275000

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Result- 15th August

The results of the much-anticipated balloting for plots homes and apartments were announced on Monday the 16th of August 2016. Letters have been posted to successful applicants by couriered mail. Earlier this year Bahria Town sent out letters to members which read that those who paid their 8th installment by or before the 30th of March were eligible for this ballot. For further information you can call the toll-free number on 080000100 or you can email Bahria Town Karachi on

Property Features of a Plot for Sale in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town plots for sale come with international standard features and have set a benchmark for upmarket residential complexes in Pakistan. First the security and rescue services are second to none. The international standard construction and infrastructure ensure that only residents and guests are permitted onto the exclusive private grounds. With exemplary safety standards residents are free to enjoy the state-of-the-art sports facilities of which a USGA standard golf course is the standout amenity.

Second before you decide to buy a plot you should be aware that Bahria Town even has several wonders of the world monuments: the Eiffel Tower Taj-Mahal and the Statue of Liberty. These monuments act as great community centerpieces and are key gathering points for national and local celebrations. The sense of community that has been fostered in Bahria Town is a key distinction from other competing residential locations.

Additionally landscaped gardens add a touch of class to the residence. Oftentimes in new residential complexes there is too many concrete grays and not enough greenery. Designers of Bahria Town created a blend between green and gray and a balance between nature and concrete; as such the lush green gardens are conducive to a peaceful tranquillity.

1 Kanal Average Plot Price Across Bahria Towns


Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3
Bahria Town Islamabad128362411396591314162784
Bahria Town Lahore110339451221075912356677
Bahria Town Karachi688150064002516351031