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Looking to buy houses in Askari 10, Askari,Lahore? Here is what you should know.

Lahore the multi-cultural city of Pakistan

Lahore is Pakistan's second largest city after Karachi and it is also the capital of Pakistan's most populated province Punjab. Lahore retains the characteristics of a multi-ethnic and a multi-cultural city. It boasts a vibrant traditional identity. This cultural diversity has present since the Pakistan was separated from India in 1947. Besides the Muslim-majority the city has a sizeable Anglo-Indian population. Lahore also has a considerable population comprising native Punjabi Christians. Lahore has a fascinating history of Sikhs Mughals and traditional Hindu rulers. Many famous religious people were born in Lahore such as Dada patron saint Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh and Shah Jamal. The followers of these famous people love this city by default. The great Daata Darbar the shrine to Data Ganj Baksh is an important landmark in Lahore. The people of Lahore live quite harmoniously. They are famous for their hospitality and are known for welcoming newcomers. Many tourists and guests who visit Lahore end up living in Lahore.

Lahore Literary Festival brings various artists from all over the world together to share their work. Poets artists writers and performers gather and share their experiences. This event is the true representation of a multicultural Lahore.

An overview of Askari X Lahore

Askari > X is an ideal location in the heart of Lahore. Askari X has four sectors named A B C and D. The society has convenient links to the Amjad Choudhry Road Airport Road and Barki Road. Lahore International Airport is 2.1 KM away from the society and is only 1 km away from the famous Ring Road. Furthermore it is only 2 KM away from Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club. High-quality education is a priority for families and this society enables families to access the best standards of education for their children. Beaconhouse School Lahore Grammar School and various government schools are located near your future home. The society is also close to Rangers Public School another highly reputable institution. The society has a number of mini markets and is known for being a safe and well-protected community surrounded by high walls. Close circuit cameras are located on every street and guards patrol regularly. The Niazi Allied Hospital is within a walking distance of the society. Air conditioned mosques are present in every sector. Recreational parks are in each sector for ease of the respected residents. Askari 10 is a society with a bright future value.

Fully constructed houses are available for sale in Askari X. Most homes have en-suite bathrooms and in most properties there is a space for a lawn car parking spaces storage or a garage. House prices vary depending on size. Six- bedroom five-bedroom four-bedroom and three-bedroom houses are available. Prices range between Rs. 20000000 and Rs. 46500000. Prices depend on the locality and the number of rooms in a house.

Why purchase a house rather than a plot?

It's easier to buy a pre-constructed house and the process moves faster. If you build a house you have to focus on details for construction along with construction permits etc. Working with the architect is a consuming task in itself. Furthermore one has to stay within the regulations set by the authorities. It's a daunting task that not every home buyer can bear. Buying a house saves you this kind of hassle. Remember that you can always renovate. The decision about whether to build or to buy depends on one's timeline. Buyers can move into a house immediately after closing the deal. However the construction process will take over a year and require constant attention.

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