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Houses for Rent in Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi

Gulistan-e-Johar is one of the most important neighborhoods of Karachi. As with the most of city it is divided into blocks. Of course every neighborhood has its own structure style and characteristics. Gulistan is no exception. With a somewhat odd almost triangular shape the neighborhood is situated in between the University of Karachi campus the Jinnah International Airport and Safari Park. These landmarks are themselves important to the city and increase the neighborhood's allure for newcomers as well as long-time residents.

Considered one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods of the city it is a good idea to start looking for houses for rent in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi before deciding to buy. Of course this wisdom can be applied to any real estate venture and is good general advice for those who are just getting to know the area.

Being a relatively inexpensive market there is a lot of room to do research and no reason to rush into any deal. To get a better idea of the overall offerings of any area it is a good idea to look at as many listings as possible especially when just starting out.

This will give a bird's-eye view of the situation. For instance take this grouping of properties:

A 200-square-yard 3-bedroom house lower portion. Located on block 1-A right next to the University of Karachi surrounded by parks restaurants and cultural centers. Cost is Rs. 30000 per month. A 400-square-yard 6-bedroom house. Located on block 4 close to several Masjids bus transport Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhari Road and several colleges. Cost is Rs. 100000 per month. A 300-square-yard 5-bedroom house. Located on block 16 right next to Safari Park close to supermarkets fitness centers Jauhar Chowrangi Road and bus transport. Cost is Rs. 75000 per month

Using this list of properties in different parts of the neighborhood you can begin to get an idea of what features locations and property sizes will affect price. Another good idea is to calculate the price per square yard for a common basis for comparison. For listing 1 the price is Rs. 150 per square yard. For listings 2 and 3 the price is Rs. 250 per square yard. Several early assumptions can be made based on this data but to get a better idea a longer list is recommended. As suggested before there is rarely a reason to rush into closing a deal on a house for rent in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi as the market is full of good options.

A final piece of advice to keep in mind is to compare listings across different areas. This will give you a broader view of the market and aid in decision making. Some interesting areas are DHA Phase 6 DHA Phase 5 and Clifton.