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Looking to buy flats in Nazimabad, Karachi? Here is what you should know.

Apartments for Sale in Nazimabad Karachi

Nazimabad is one of the most central suburbs of Karachi. Situated on the northwestern side of the Lyari Expressway just past the intersection of Jehangir Sethna Road the area separates the city center from the northern suburbs such as North Nazimabad Gulberg and Orangi Town. This makes it a very convenient place to live having access to both the more urban parts of the city as well as the more natural green spaces. For example a quick ride on the Hub Chowki Road will take you past the Hub River and Hub Park. After that taking the Karachi Northern Bypass to the Hub Dam Road will bring you to the amazing Hub Dam Wildlife Sanctuary. The nearness of both the city center and the province's nature preserves make Nazimabad a great place to live or to invest in apartments houses and commercial properties.

Above Average Neighborhood Below Average Prices

One would expect the price of a flat for sale in Nazimabad Karachi to follow the average of the city. And that would be correct. The average cost of an apartment for sale in Karachi is approximately Rs. 6000000. However there are usually a large number of apartments for sale in Nazimabad Karachi that are below the overall average price for a unit in the city. For instance some listings show that the purchase price of a 72-square-yard 2 bedroom apartment in Block 3 of Nazimabad is approximately Rs. 2000000. Other listings show that for around the same price one can purchase a 100-square-yard 2-bedroom apartment in the same block. Each of these listings typically come with multiple bathrooms studio kitchen and living room. So when looking for a flat for sale in north Karachi in the neighborhood of Nazimabad don't be discouraged by average prices. Proper research patience and due diligence are the prerequisites for finding a great deal.

Tips for Buying Property in Pakistan

There are many valuable tips that apply to any real estate market but these tips are specifically for Pakistan:

  • Always have a lawyer help to check the ownership history of the property. If there are any gaps in the ownership record this could result in a previous owner claiming the property as their own.
  • Always check that the seller actually has ownership of the property as well as the right to sell it. If the owner has a mortgage or if the property has tenants or there are any outstanding taxes or bills for the property this could prevent sellers from actually transferring ownership.
  • Always ask for original copies of titles deeds allotment letters and all other documents that prove the seller is the true owner of the property and has the right to sell it.