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Flats for Sale in Askari 5 Karachi with Price & Details(617)

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Flats for Rent in Askari 5 Karachi
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Looking to buy flats in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt? Here is what you should know.

Why buy a Flat in Askari 5 Malir Cantonment Cantt?

Under the supervision of the Pakistan Army, Malir Cantt ranks as one of the best gated-communities in Karachi. The area’s security is also top-notch. Residents have easy access to hospitals, schools, petrol pumps, banks and utility stores. The Cantonment Board Malir is the area’s administrative body, which falls under the supervision and jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. The cantonment enjoys autonomy in managing the area’s infrastructural development including electricity, water supplies, and other administrative tasks.

What are the Sizes of Flats and Apartments Available for sale in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt?

There are numerous options for you to explore from for flats and apartments available for sale in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt. Moreover, the residential units here also offer furnished flats for sale at affordable rates. These flats come in various sizes, including studio, 3-bed and 4-bed apartments on sale in Malir Cantt.

Types of apartments and flats available for sale in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt




What is the Sale Price Trend for Flats and Apartments in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt?

People searching for flats for sale in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt can find plenty of options at affordable rentals. For instance, the general price tends to be around PKR 2 crore to PKR 6.2 crore. The price of studio apartments for sale in Askari 5 Malir Cantt ranges between PKR 2.55 crore and PKR 3.7 crore. The sale price for 3-bed apartments starts from PKR 2.1 crore and goes up to PKR 3.5 crore. Moreover, the 4-bed apartments cost from PKR 2.15 crore to PKR 4.3 crore. All flats and apartments come fully furnished with marble or wooden flooring, double-glazed window, and well-ventilated rooms. However, these rates are subject to change owing to change in the locality.

Sale Price Trend for Flats and Apartments in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt


PKR 2.55 crore – PKR 3.7 crore


PKR 2.1 crore – PKR 3.5 crore


PKR 2.15 crore – PKR 4.3 crore

Salient Features of Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt

The stunning and premium location of Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt is encapsulated in ultra-modern facilities to provide luxury and comfort for its dwellers. Some enticing amenities of the housing project include standby generators, full-proof security, underground cabling, scenic environment, impressive shopping avenues, cinemas, educational institutions, and medical facilities. Malir Cantt is a gated community that has a robust security system in place, however, the downside is that visitors have to wait in long queues to submit their NICs at the check-points before entering Cantt’s premises. People prefer living in Malir Cantt to any other residential area of the city primarily because of the wide range of amenities it offers. However, as it is an upscale residential community, it is quite expensive for most Pakistanis.

Reasons to Invest in Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt

Experts from the real estate industry foresee high prospects for society and expect high-yielding returns on investments. Askari 5 malir cantonment cantt offers potential fruitful returns, given its location and its developers ‘market credibility’ and intentions of providing the society dwellers with all the best possible amenities and luxurious facilities to generate a wholesome and international living experience.