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Flats for Rent in Bahadurabad Karachi with Price & Details(65)

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About renting in flats in Bahadurabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town,Karachi.

Apartments for Rent in Bahadurabad Karachi

Karachi is divided into 6 districts and 6 cantonments. Each district is divided into several towns of which there are a total of 18. The neighborhood of Bahadurabad is the located in the civic center of Gulshan Town. Gulshan Town is itself also known as Gulshan-e-Iqbal which means garden of Iqbal. It is named after the national poet of Pakistan Allama Muhammad Iqbal and is called is known for its plentiful and beautiful gardens which are found throughout the area.

Garden Center Market Haven

Not only is the neighborhood known for its lush gardens but it is also known for its busy markets. People from all over the city of Karachi come the Bahadurabad for groceries and shopping. The Bahadurabad Market at the intersection of Bahadur Shah Zafar Road and Alamgir Road is perhaps the most famous. Other famous shopping areas include Imtiaz Naheed and United King Bakery. Residents from affluent and popular neighborhoods such as Clifton and DHA are especially attracted to the area.

Businesses tend to do well in Bahadurabad Karachi. As a result the area is a great place to live or invest in. Apartments houses and commercial properties for rent are available for investors interested in easing their way into the market. Apartments houses and commercial properties are available for sale as well.

Finding a flat for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi is due to its favorable position within the city and its picturesque aspect. Rents can often be found well below the average for the city which is approximately Rs. 39130. Some listings for great apartments show prices as low as Rs. 15000. As a matter of fact it is quite common to find a 2-bedroom 125-square-yard apart apartment on rent in Bahadurabad Karachi for anywhere between and Rs. 12000 and Rs. 30000 for 125 square yards or more with modern designs. Those rents are up to 70 percent lower than the city's average. For foreigners as well as locals looking to enter the market slowly by renting instead of buying these prices are very attractive. And combined with the area's beautiful and convenient surroundings living and investing here are clearly wise decisions.