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Residential Plots for Sale in Top City 1 Islamabad with Price & Details(925)

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Looking to buy residential plots in Top City 1, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

One of a Kind Society

Top City 1 is an elegantly planned modern eco housing project unlike any other. The project's development began in 2012 and plots are now ready for purchase. The housing scheme has some of the most luxurious facilities in Pakistan. Not only that this is the only housing scheme where luxury and an eco-friendly environment go hand in hand making it one of a kind. The management is continuously striving to maximise its green-friendly approach. Top City 1 is not just a housing scheme but a mini city delivering everything you could possibly need all in one area.

The benefits of investing in Top City 1

Top City 1 came from continuous hard work resulting in a fast development process. The housing scheme offers facilities and amenities that are both trendy and practical. Investing in in Top City 1 is a good choice both for residential and commercial property; it offers residents the opportunity to feel the luxury of living in the capital of Pakistan at the most affordable price. Top City 1 is situated near New Islamabad International Airport at the junction of M-1 and M-2. Being offered such high quality at such an affordable price in this location makes it a golden opportunity to reside and invest. The society provides its residents with all the activities to have a balance between their personal and professional life. The society's master plan of includes an even distribution of land allotted for the construction of houses luxury apartments resorts farmhouses and skyscrapers.

What Top City 1 Housing Scheme has to Offer

The housing scheme has its own sewerage treatment plant. Keeping the area clean forms part of a global fight against pollution which has dangerously affected the purity and clarity of our planet. The neighbourhood's parks and green belts are natural and green and well maintained by the skilful hands of our trained gardeners. Pots and plants are arranged in corners where there is no natural greenery making virtually every corner beautiful and natural-seeming.

Construction on a residential plot in Top City 1 is almost effortless; owners can either come up with their own architectural design for their house or can get help from experienced engineers hired specifically to create a home with a healthy living atmosphere. Investment in commercial land is secure as our engineers and consultants are always available to guide you on the path to success. From a commercial perspective one can either start a new business from scratch or expand an existing business.

Members of the society will enjoy reliable and trustworthy services every day. Services include an uninterrupted gas supply underground electricity a reliable water supply and water drainage. Having a mini-dam in the society makes the water supply system 100% secure. For the safety of everyone and in the unlikely event of a fire an Emergency Quick Response Unit (EQRU) is established in the neighbourhood.

Top City 1 never compromises on education. Schools and colleges matching international standards are available in the vicinity so that your children are safe and well educated. Moreover Islamabad's best institutions are nearby for those who want to go to university or go back to education later in life. To keep residents occupied Top City 1 housing scheme offers a variety of activities. This is on top of all the activities that Islamabad itself has to offer. To keep residents engaged a community centre is within the boundaries of the housing scheme. A mini golf club has been established for the use of residents > it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in golf you will be welcome. The nearby 3D/iMax Cinema shows all the new English and Urdu movies and the Kids Theme Park and Lake View Park are also fantastic places for family trips.

The society is flexible when it comes to investment; plot sizes ranging from 5-10 Marla to 1 Kanal are available. The price of plots starts at Rs. 450000 and goes up to Rs. 13000000 when the plot has more features and is bigger in size.

Prices Stand December 2016