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Residential Plots for Sale in G-15 Islamabad with Price & Details(265)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Islamabad

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Looking to buy residential plots in G-15, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Islamabad: the Nation's Capital

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and one of the most urbanized cities in the nation. It is a part of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area which is the third largest in the country. The government arm that is responsible for public works in city the Capital Development Authority continuously makes improvements and provides municipal services.

The architecture of Islamabad is a combination of modern urban and traditional Islamic and regional styles. There are also some influences from Arabic Turkish and Mughal design. As reflected in the diversity of its cityscape the culture of Islamabad is very cosmopolitan and international. Attractions for locals and tourists alike include the Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers and the Shah Faisal Mosque.

Plots for Sale in Sector G-15 Islamabad

Buying plots of land in Sector G-15 in Islamabad is a very good investment because of the low cost and the city's steady economic growth. But low plot prices is not the only reason to purchase land here. For instance Sector G-15 has many schools parks shopping centers a large hospital several mosques and a stadium. There are also many banks ATMs and restaurants in the area.

There are also many things about the city of Islamabad itself that make living and investing here a wise choice. For example there is the Margalla Hills National Park in the north of Islamabad that residents from all over the city and the country come to enjoy. The Margalla Hills is a part of the lesser Himalayas and features a unique and beautiful set of flora and fauna. The national park puts nature at the doorstep of the urban landscape of Islamabad.

How to Buy Land in Sector G-15 Islamabad

When buying a Sector G-15 plot for sale plot prices should not be your only concern. The bureaucratic paperwork involved is just as important. The first thing to do once you've selected the land in which you are interested is to get a proof of ownership from the seller. In Pakistan this is called the > fard jamabandi. > �

The next step is to pay the Stamp Duty tax which is a small percentage of the property value. The buyer must present the receipt of this tax payment to the receive the 'stamp paper > � upon which the sale agreement will be drafted by the buyer's lawyer. Finally the buyer must register the sale and pay the appropriate fees and then transfer the property to their name.