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Residential Plots for Sale in D-12 Islamabad with Price & Details(781)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Islamabad

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Looking to buy residential plots in D-12, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Sector D12 Islamabad: The Beautiful Sector

Located farther from the main city as compared to other sectors within the city D-12 lies at the immediate footsteps of the Margalla Hills. Launched by the Capital Development Authority 25 years back D-12 is one of the oldest developments in the city and continues to be one of the most posh living areas. The area is home to some of the most prominent personalities on Pakistan's social scene including socialites celebrities government officials senators and the elite. Hence with its far reaching history and early appearance on the city's landscape D-12 till date remains the most popular area in the city.

Why Buy a Plot for Sale in D12 Islamabad?

With an exponential increase in the country's population the undying quest for houses and jobs in Pakistan has increased likewise. This search brings hundreds of people to Islamabad per annum and this puts great responsibility on the real estate sector that has to buck up to provide suitable houses and plots in the city pertinent to every family's or individual's financial and personal requirements. Also since this area is one of the oldest in the city its property prices have always been considerably high as compared to other sectors. After the recent announcement of the uplift project for 2014-15 by the government that cost millions of rupees the real estate value in the sector has increased manifolds overnight and is expected to rise even more once the uplift is completed. Hence right now would be the ideal time to invest in a plot for sale in d12 islamabad since plots in this locality will be the highest in value in the city beating Bahria Enclave. Since D-12 is the nearest to the Margalla range every house and plot in the locality provides a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains and is a dream come true for every home-hunter. The area is connected to the rest of the city by Service Road D-12 and Shah Allah Ditta Road. Hence for all those searching for the ideal plot in the magnificent city of Islamabad it is the best choice for them.

Plots for sale in d12 islamabad range from 4 marlas to 2.4 kanals whereas sale prices range from Rs. 5800000 to 325000000.

Tips for Land Acquisition

  • It's better and more profitable to acquire plot files in the development phase
  • Always consult a lawyer before you carry out the transaction
  • Ascertain the authenticity of the documentation to avoid the possibility of fraud