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Houses for Sale in E-11 Islamabad with Price & Details(133)

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Looking to buy houses in E-11, Islamabad? Here is what you should know.

Sector E-11 Islamabad: Pride of the City

Islamabad is considered to be one of the most elite cities in Pakistan and home to the most affluent individuals prominent on Pakistan's social professional and political horizons. Where once Karachi was the city everyone wanted to settle in owing to its industrial prominence and dramatic social life Islamabad has now overtaken it by a large margin. E-11 sector Islamabad is one of the many areas in the city but has achieved a prominent status since it is one of the most developed sectors in the city. Even though the city on the whole is attracting a mindboggling number of new residents every year E11 is by and large the first choice for many.

House for Sale in E11 Islamabad: Ideal Location

Located in the western zone it enjoys great locational importance since it is quite secluded yet linked to the main city. Surrounded by barely a couple of sectors including F-11 and F-10 E-11 Islamabad is encompassed by acres of uninhabited and unbuilt land all around it giving it the perfect countryside atmosphere. Moreover it is situated at a 20-minute drive from the Margalla Hills National Park offering the perfect recreational and adventurous retreat from the dull daily routine at a weekly basis. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Margalla Hills each house in the phase offers a splendid view of the wondrous terrain. After all who wouldn't want to wake up to that view every morning?! Connected to the rest of the city via arterial roads including the Shahabuddin Road and the Khyaban-e-Iqbal Islamabad E 11 sector is well-linked to other localities in the city and facilitates commute to and from the residents > workplace and educational institutions.

Houses in E11 Islamabad are mostly lavish palatial ones that attract every house-hunter at the first glance. Houses range from 5 marlas to 2 kanals in area whereas prices vary between Rs. 12500000 and 135000000.

Ideas for a spring makeover for your house:

The spring season is the time for cleaning and getting rid of old and unused things. In order to have fast and easy makeover for your house keep three very important things in mind.

  • Rethink the bedding > While dark colors and heavier fabrics like velvet and silk rule winter season so away with those once spring arrives. Opt for light hued floral printed and cotton beddings to capture the season's essence
  • Color splash > Add some color to your home via colorful and printed vases to adorn your consoles and paintings to add color to your walls. You can also opt for temporary wallpapers in fun prints.
  • New statement piece > Make a statement with a new accessory in every room. Be it a bright and comfy beanbag a creative chandelier or a piece of art play around with available space.