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Houses for Rent in Sector G-11 Islamabad

Islamabad the capital of Pakistan has recently experienced a slight downturn in prices of houses both for sale and for rent. While this downturn might be a result of the country's recent lack of GDP growth it doesn't necessarily make the city a bad environment for investing. As usual in real-estate there are two ways to view this downturn. One it can be viewed as a loss for some with holdings in the area. And two it can be seen as a perfect opportunity for new investors especially foreign investors to purchase properties at a lower cost than in previous times.

This goes for rentals as well. Take house rentals for instance. Islamabad has the second-highest average monthly rents for houses in the country only behind Karachi. The average is Karachi is approximately Rs. 122227. In Islamabad the average is Rs. 83097. Islamabad rentals are 68 percent of the cost of rentals in Karachi.

Sector G-11 Islamabad: Worth Waiting For

In Islamabad great deals on houses for rentascqeearvzdzafdxsfzc and for sale as well as apartments for rent can be found for those who have done their proper research. One such area where one can find great deals is Sector G-11. A house for rent in Islamabad G-11 can be less than half the average rental cost for the city. Several listings have shown prices between Rs. 30000 and Rs. 50000 for 200-square-yard houses for rent. This makes houses for rent in G-11 Islamabad some of the most affordable in the city. For those new in the area and easing themselves into the market cost-effective options such as this are very valuable and make for wise real-estate decisions.

A G-11 house for rent is perfect for beginner investors and future residents alike not just because of favorable pricing but because of the area's location as well. Situated along the Kashmir Highway and surrounded by parks green spaces and canals Sector G-11 is a calm and beautiful place to live. The Fatima Jinnah Park is just a few minutes away on foot via the Nazim-ud-din-Road and the Shakar Parian National Park is only a few minutes away by car. After a few months of renting in the area most people would be ready to buy based on the abundant natural beauty of the area alone.