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Houses for Sale in Hyderabad

Founded in 1768 on top of the ruins of an ancient fishing village Hyderabad is the fourth largest city in Pakistan. It is known for its promotion of the Sindhi language and literature. As a center for literature and culture in the country the city hosts the yearly Hyderabad Literary Festival which features speakers from around the world. With cultural events workshops exhibitions and book launches happening all around the city the event attracts visitors from all over the globe which stimulates commerce.

Due to this focus on language and literature the city is known as a very open multicultural society. Many of its neighborhoods such as Qasimabad Latifabad and Hussainabad all emulate this attachment to openness and multiculturalism. This makes it a very good place not only to invest in as an emerging real-estate market but also as a permanent residence a vacation home and even as a timeshare.

Key Indicators: Popular Neighborhoods

To get an overview of the Hyderabad area it is important to become familiar with the market in its most popular neighborhoods. Independent houses for sale in Hyderabad overall can range in price from Rs. 1000000 to 320000000. Here is a simple breakdown:

  • In the neighborhood of Qasimabad prices for a house for sale can range from Rs. 2800000 to 115000000.
  • Prices for a house for sale in Latifabad can go from Rs. 1100000 up to around 110000000.
  • In Hussainabad a house for sale can carry a cost from anywhere between Rs 6000000 45500000.

Neighborhoods not mentioned in this list are DHA Defence and GOR Colony which have some larger house for prices between Rs. 120000000 and 320000000 some of the highest prices for a house for sale in Hyderabad Sindh.

Given this quick glimpse of the cultural aspects of the area and the real-estate values that go along with them it is easy to see Hyderabad is a great place to live or invest. And naturally with a little more research it is almost certain that the perfect property for sale in hyderabad can be found regardless of individual requirements and preferences.