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Residential Plots for Sale in Gujranwala with Price & Details(1972)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Gujranwala

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Looking to buy residential plots in Gujranwala? Here is what you should know.

Gujranwala: Industry and Agriculture

Close to the capital city Islamabad Gujranwala enjoys great economic and geostrategic prominence. It is a city full of life and is renowned for its hustle and bustle which makes it a busy metropolitan. It also attracts thousands of tourists every year due it its proximity to tourist attractions up north like Murree Nathiagalli Gilgit-Baltistan Kalam and Hunza. The city is famous for the numerous attractions it offers for residents and tourists alike. It is a business and mechanical focus assuming a real part in the Pakistan economy. It has various material factories a cutlery industry and vast horticultural preparing plants. The core produce of the city incorporates rice sterile fittings materials plastic pots air conditioners gas stoves rural instruments and gear electrical supplies floor tiles and lamination glass surgical supplies leather items metal utensils vehicle spare parts transformers hosiery washing machines rice huskers agrarian executes bikes sustenance items and mechanical engines. More than 500000 specialists work in industry in the city. Gujranwala's contribution to the GDP is 9% and 8% to the national income. Hence the city is extremely important when it comes to the country's economy and has immense unexplored potential.

Where to Find a Plot for Sale in Gujranwala

Plots for sale in Gujranwala include commercial as well as residential land in the most posh and luxurious areas within the city such as Sadar Safari Valley Bahria Town Gulraiz Housing Scheme and Khadim Hussain Road. All of the these localities are fully well developed and offer state-of-the-art provisions such as security alarms 24 hour security petrol parks community centers hospitals mosques schools and colleges as well as easily accessible commercial zones. Thus all of this renders these areas as the ideal place for property investment.

Residential and commercial plots for sale in Gujranwala range from 3 marla plot for sale in Gujranwala to 5 marla plot for sale in Gujranwala in size whereas prices lie between Rs. 1200000 and 2500000000.

Tips for Searching for Land:

  • Search using online real estate portals.
  • Seek help from friends and family members who might have practical experience in terms of real estate invetments