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Residential Plots for Sale in Canal Road Faisalabad with Price & Details(116)

Locations of Residential Plots for sale in Faisalabad

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Looking to buy residential plots in Canal Road, Faisalabad? Here is what you should know.

Canal Road Faisalabad: The Green Beauty

The famous the green and the flowing canal defines the beauty of the city. The abundant greenery spread all over the canal and the surrounding is so mesmerizing for the eyes which attract people of different culture. Faisalabad also known as the Manchester of Pakistan is quite diverse in its culture. Having its very own canal park which is located on the west bank of Rakh Branch Canal makes it a good staying spot either long or short. The famous and majestic Chenab Club with lush green lawns is located in the beautiful surroundings of > Jinnah Garden > � and is a great attraction. Make your stays memorable in the gorgeous Garvaish Luxury Hotel and make Faisalabad your home

Investing in a Place for Business or Living

Faisalabad is the industrial hub of Pakistan as it is famous for having the largest textile industry as compared to Lahore Karachi and Islamabad. This spot is the right opportunity for starting your own business and live a peaceful life with the loved ones. Plots are available for recreational commercial industrial and residential use. For all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Pakistan Canal Road Faisalabad has a lot to offer; it has various plots of different sizes to select the best suitable one. Go for the industrial or commercial plots which are in an excellent condition for starting a business and make it big in the near future. If you are thinking of a plot to build a new house for your family the Canal Road Faisalabad offers you the best scenery for your home go for the plots reserved for the residential purpose. Having a view of a canal along with fresh air from all the large trees spread all over the city makes it a sound investment.

Build a house of the dreams as per desires make it of any size; big or small. Plots are available to start the construction. Contract the relevant party make an agreement sign a contract and start building the house that is your own. Also the entrepreneurs can shift with their entire family and make this place like home. Enjoy a peaceful life with family along with looking at the business flourish.

The plots of different sizes are available they are of 5 marlas and reach to 480 marlas. These plots are available at prices that range from Rs. Rs. 2000000 to Rs. 384000000.

What The Plots For Sale in Canal Road Faisalabad have to Offer?

Being named after Sir Charles James Lyall It still has the monument preserved which makes it a perfect tourist spot. There is no need to worry about the education of your child and Faisalabad has one of the great universities and they are also on or near Canal Road. One of the leading hotel management college College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM) and also there is The University of Faisalabad since 2002 so no need to worry as the future of your child is secure. There are many more tourist attraction places to spend free time while staying in canal road Faisalabad. The Faisalabad clock tower is necessary to place the visit the clock and tower are still in its original state since its construction at the time of the British Raj. For all the lover of history the old part of Faisalabad still has the remnants of temples mosques and historical buildings. It has its computer market Rex City which is a good place for spending time with your family.

Things To Do Before Buying a Plot

  • Forecast the total costs - Calculate the costs what will be incurred after buying the land and also include the price of the plot do a cost-benefit analysis of the investment made. Plan the purchase systematically.
  • Inspection of the Plot- Go for a detailed visit of the land inspect the ground properly check for the necessities availability nearby. Which include availability of water system electrification supermarts road network and gas network.