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Hyderabad | The Colorful City of Bangles

Being the fifth largest city in Pakistan and the second largest in the province of Sindh Hyderabad is an immensely significant city on the map of the country. The city has a far-dating history that reveals elements from the pre-Harappan period Kalhora Dynasty Talpur Dynasty Mogul Empire and the British Raj. The city is not too large and is divided into four administrative units including City Taluka Rural Taluka Latifabad and Qasimabad that serve as the key residential and commercial areas in the city. The city started off as a small settlement but developmental projects initiated by the provincial government have completely transformed the infrastructure of the city and modernized it enormously.

Flats for Sale in Hyderabad Sindh Striking Locations

Talking about developmental projects Hyderabad now has a total of six flyover bridges including the Latifabad unit 7 flyover Sakhi Abdul Wahab flyover near the Railways Station Shahbaz Qalandar flyover at the Shahbaz Roundabout Hala Naka flyover and Ghulam Shah Kalhoro flyover at the Hyderabad-Mirpur Khas junction. Additionally the improvements in the road network indicate the infrastructural advancement in the city that facilitates smooth traffic and caters to the needs of the citizens. It is an industrially rich city that has numerous units manufacturing paper soap sugar textile cement leather silk and plastic. It is also extremely famous for its glass bangles that are widely manufactured in the city. Since it is extremely developed in terms of manufacturing and processing industry city offers countless jobs for those in seek for employment ranging from skilled labor force to managerial workforce. Every year thousands of families migrate from underdeveloped areas from interior Sindh to Hyderabad in quest for a better standard of living. Hence the city undoubtedly offers a great lifestyle that caters to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Apartments for sale in Hyderabad are mostly located in the Qasimabad region and in comfortable buildings namely Golden Sand Apartments Qamar Heights Bismillah Tower Abdullah Center Jawariya Center and many more. Flat for sale in Hyderabad range from 2 to 5 bedroom are priced between Rs. 1500000 and 30000000.

Color Options for Different Seasons

  • Light hues > Spring is in the air! Opt for lighter shades like pastels for your bedrooms and living rooms to inculcate the true floral spring essence
  • Bold and sensual > Dark plum red and teal shades are more suited to autumn and winter seasons. Add a zesty spark to your rooms to change the color palette and get an edgy look.
  • Neutrals > Neutral beiges greys and whites are evergreen! They aren't restricted to any seasons and can be used all year round. Moreover one can never get bored with neutrals which is why they are the perfect option for those who aren't comfortable with experimentation.